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Monkey supposedly steals a phone, then video calls owner

Monkey supposedly steals a phone, then video calls owner

According to two Thai friends, a naughty wild monkey that roams free on Chonburi’s Sam Muk Hill stole their phone, then sent a wave and answered their video call on Facebook Messenger on Friday.

In the most unbelievable encounter with the monkeys that overrun the area, Mongkol Wisulokanon, 25, alleged that he was snapping some pictures with his friend “Met” before they were ambushed by a monkey thief gang — about five monkeys came to their motorbike and stole items from the bike’s front basket, including Met’s mobile phone.

The two men tried to chase after the monkeys but they couldn’t catch them.

Mongkol wrote in a viral Facebook post, “So I called Met’s phone. Maybe if the phone vibrated, it would let go. It didn’t and ran even further! So I did something stupid, I started a video call! F*ck! The monkey answered the call.”

He attached a blurry screenshot of a furry face that answered the phone.

“Then it hung up and sent a wave at us on Facebook. Those bastard monkeys!”

He waved back.

At the end of the day, the guys didn’t get their phone back, but Mongkol ended the viral post with a laugh, “If you call Met’s phone and someone picks up, that’s not a person, that’s a monkey. Haha.”

Mongkol later confirmed the story with reporters, “If it [the monkey] wants the phone, let it have it. I’m not angry,” he told Thairath.

“I’d like to warn people to watch out when they travel in the area, what’s faster than thieves are monkeys.”

Those who have traveled in monkey-prone areas in Thailand knows that monkeys steal food from people’s hands and even attack, but the case of one using a stolen phone to go on Facebook had never been heard of until now.

Source: Coconuts

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