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Australian dad sets a world record of more than 3,200 pushups in one hour

A father from Australia broke the previous push-up world record by performing 3,206 in a single hour, or about one every second (53 every minute).

As the fourth new record for the accomplishment to be established in the previous three years, Lucas Helmke persevered through the push-ups at his neighborhood gym in Brisbane to take the title held by another Australian just a year prior.

The 33-year-old father, an accountant by profession, told Guinness World Records that he wanted to “provide inspiration” for his 1-year-old kid by demonstrating to him that “nothing is impossible.”

To qualify for an official world record, each push-up had to be perfect.

On the way up, Helmke was obliged to maintain a straight posture without bending at the waist or the knees, and when he lowered himself, his elbow had to make at least a 90-degree angle. Due to incorrect form, he was penalized 34 pushups, yet he still managed to surpass previous record holders.

Daniel Scali’s performance of 3,182 push-ups in April 2022 set the previous benchmark.Helmke broke the mark in November of last year at the Iron Underground gym, and Guinness World Records just just notified him that his record had been accepted. Australia produced two prior record-holders.

The certificate was posted on his Facebook last month, and he wrote: “This one finally came through.”

According to Helmke’s statement to Guiness World Records, it took him two to three years to develop the physical stamina necessary to complete the amazing accomplishment.

How long his record will be valid is uncertain given the opposition. The 60-year-old American Rob Stirling was reportedly able to complete 3,264 push-ups in late February, according to Florida local media, although Guiness has not yet verified that claim.

While this is going on, Helmke is already considering potential records.

Lucas stated, “I want to break a lot of other push-up records, but this will be the first one I want to break.” Following that, “onto other physical records.”

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