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Hotel Washbasin falls on customer’s feet

Hotel Washbasin

Facebook User Nueng Nstar shared pictures of an incident where a hotel’s washbasin broke down in the bathroom along with blood as a result of the accident. Nueng had plans to stay at a hotel in the Rattanathibet area,

Nonthaburi Province for over 10 days from 6 December to 17 December 2019 for work. A friend in the group was using the bathroom when the washbasin suddenly fell down onto her feet. The victim ended up with 9 stitches (sutures) with a medical bill of 6,300 THB.

The victim tried to talk to the hotel about the accident. Instead of reasoning with the customers, the hotel denied all responsibility and stated that they want to press charges for breaking their washbasin. Nueng stated “The washbasin in the hotel’s bathroom fell down onto my friend’s feet. We talked to the hotel manager and asked whether they would be taking care of the medical bills as the accident was a result of faulty products in their room.

The manager told us that they have no responsibility for the issue and that the customer must take care of all the medical costs as no one from the hotel was at the incident when it happened. How could they say that? we just want the hotel to take responsibility for the situation that happened. It’s 600 THB per night, we’re staying for more than 10 nights with a total bill of over 6,000 THB.

Not only is the hotel denying any responsibility, they told us that we might’ve tried to remove the washbasin. Who would do that? I use it to wash my face not to dance on it. I came here to sleep, do I need one of your employees to come shower and sleep with me? This is not ok, I only asked the hotel to take care of the medical bill but now I might want something more. From what the manager told me if I was stuck in a falling elevator and died then it would be my fault if there was no hotel staff in there with me. This has affected my job and my feelings.”



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