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Amazing Food at Toscana Trattoria Italian Restaurant

Amazing Food at Toscana Trattoria Italian Restaurant

Amazing Food at Toscana Trattoria Italian Restaurant

Our day started at 10 am at Luca’s farm just outside of Pattaya. The first farm we went to is mainly fruit and vegetables with some animals.

When I say fruit and vegetables, what I really mean is, WOW, what an amazing place. Acres and acres of land with tomatoes, herbs, green beans rocket salad and so much more.

Luca spent time to show us everything and go in great detail about how he manages to get his ingredients to taste so good.

For him, 10 am is quite late in the day as Luca is normally up and working on his farms from around 7 am. Whether it is planting seeds, cutting trees, cultivating the land, Luca does it all and is in no way scared of hard work. If anything, I saw that all his staff have to upmost respect for him as he is always working as hard as anyone on the farm.

About midday we went to the main farm where he has all his chickens, bulls, wild boar, pigs, goats, roosters, and ducks, etc. All food and produce that is cooked and served in the restaurant all come straight from the farm, and only small things a bought from the shop. But all the meat, herbs, eggs, ice cream, milk, cheese and anything else you can think of comes straight from the farm.

Later that evening 10 of us were all sat at Toscana where we were all served drinks, and plates and plates of food all provided by Luca to give us some idea of the different dishes that are on the menu.

Wild bore with potato was a favourite of mine, and I kept coming back to that plate to take more. Normally with cheese, I am quite boring and only eat mild cheddar, but I found myself eating and enjoying all the cheese that was presented to me.

Unfortunately, I had missed the cakes and ice cream as I went on a wander around the massive restaurant that can seat up to 700 guests. And though it was very busy when I was there, it never seemed or looked full or crowded, as walkways are quite spacious, so you are never sitting to close to the table next to you or bumping into anyone when you want to have a look around.

I was also invited to see the bolognese that had just finished being cooked, and really, it smelt so amazing.

Obviously, meat is not the only thing on the menu, the is an extensive menu with so much food, whatever your needs, you will find it here.

Luca can normally be found in the restaurant in the evening, so anyone is welcome to stop by and say hello, as Luca is a very very friendly and funny man.

Before I left I could not resist trying one of the many many whiskeys available. I decided to have a 15-year-old Glenfiddich, and no I was not driving home.

Watching Luca in his farms, I can really see such passion in everything that he does, ok yes, he looks like a big kid driving the tractor, but with everything else, he just has such pride and passion.

If you love good food and enjoy nice places,  Trattoria Toscana on beach road is the place to be. Please find below some links to visit the website and facebook.


98/4 North Pattaya Beach Road
Call 081 861 3446
This will be the first of many articles about the restaurant, later we will have some live feeds and more photos to show you
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