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Algerian Arrested for Multiple Thefts

Pattaya Police arrest Algerian for multiple crimes

At around 7:30pm on February 15th, Pattaya police announced the arrest of an Algerian man who was caught stealing from several hotels in Pattaya.

The arrest follows several claims that man is a repeat offender, and has only recently been released from jail on bail.

The man in question is 44 year old, Nadir Latmir, and is thought to have been operating in the Pattaya area for a long time already. He has used the same tactics every time too, so it was easy to pinpoint the same man. He would sneak behind hotel reception counters, steal room keys, and help himself to whatever he could find. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t bright enough to consider that there might be CCTV cameras watching his every move.

He has been accused of at least 6 crimes of this nature at various different hotels, said police.

The thief was finally re-arrested at his own hotel room, and amazingly, looked shocked to find himself in the situation.

Social media has already got a hold of the story after the pictures were leaked, and many people are of the same opinion. One poster in particular, Mae Mae, said that if foreigners were caught stealing in Thailand they should be thrown out of the country not allowed out to do it all over again.

The man is now facing charges for his crimes.

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