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Win Motorbike driver saves woman from High Voltage cable

Win Motorbike driver saves woman from High Voltage cable

A Win motorbike driver helped save a woman’s life from a high voltage cable at 22,000 volts. The incident took place in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. Malini was walking on the road to her motorbike parked in front of a local convenience store when a high voltage power cable dropped on her from above.

Malini is still under medical care after 2 months and spent almost 1 Million THB in medical bills. The district stated they wanted to help after news reached the media.

The Sanook News Team went to visit Malini on 13 November 2019 after she doctors allowed her to come back and stay at home. She is doing much better now but is still having a hard time walking. Malini still has to visit the hospital to clean her wounds and for physical therapy. The news team then met the man who helped save the victim’s life at the location where the incident took place.

Supot 55 years old the Win motorbike driver stated that when it all happened he was waiting for passengers nearby. He heard a bang and then saw a cable from above fall down in sparks. The cable swung and hit a woman who was walking on the road below. Her pants caught on fire from the 22,000 volts.

Supot ran to the woman and pulled her out as far as he could. He didn’t think anything of it, he saw someone in danger and knew he had to help. He only thought of how to pull her out of the area as fast as possible. If it wasn’t for him, Malini would have suffered even more, or worse lose her life. When looking back, he is proud of his actions.

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