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Airport With A Golf Course Between Its Runways: Bangkok Don Mueang International

A unique experience for golfers and aviation aficionados, Kantarat Golf Course is situated on the grass between the two airport runways.

Many airports stand out from the rest thanks to peculiar or distinctive features. Because it is an airport with a whole golf course between its runways, Don Mueang International (DMK) in Bangkok, Thailand, stands unusual. This has been in place since the 1950s, when the airport underwent significant changes after becoming Thailand’s primary transportation hub. The golf course, though, has not changed.

Specifically, Don Mueang’s golf course

One of the world’s oldest airports is Bangkok Don Mueang International. Commercial flights began in 1924 after it was opened in 1914 as an Air Force base. The building was used for many years. Up until the new Suvarnabhumi Airport opened its doors in 2006, it served as Bangkok’s primary airport. Following the opening of the new airport, Don Mueang was temporarily shuttered, but it quickly reopened as a hub for regional flights and a low-cost base for several airlines. Nok Air and Thai AirAsia use it as a hub nowadays, while Thai Lion Air considers Don Mueang to be a priority destination.

In actuality, the golf course that is sandwiched between the landing strips of Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport was not always there. The Royal Thai Air Force did, in fact, add the in-depth course in 1952. The Kantarat Golf Course was constructed there, in the open area between the two runways, and it is still there today.

Between the two runways, there are 18 holes

A full-size 18-hole golf course, the Kantarat Golf Course is situated between two runways (21L/3R and 21R/3L), each measuring 3,500 and 3,700 meters in length. Amazingly, the runways (and taxiways) are not separated from the course by any high barriers or gates. This provides fantastic views of arriving and departing planes while you play golf, as you would imagine. Sadly, the Boeing 747s that frequently used the airport when it was at its busiest (before Suvarnabhumi Airport built, it served as Thailand’s primary hub airport) are no longer there.

However, there is still a lot to see for golfers who are using the area for some planespotting while they are on the course. AirAsia, Scoot, Nok Air, and Lion Air are just a few of the airlines that fly often out of the airport. There are a lot of Boeing 737s and Airbus A320 family planes flying in and out of the airport, but there are also a few widebody aircraft (presumably the Airbus A330 or maybe the Boeing 787 with Scoot) that occasionally make an appearance.

Open to the public golf course

Even though Thailand’s military continues to own the golf course, it is still accessible to the public and reasonably priced. A round of golf can cost up to 620 Baht ($18.20) over busy weekends, according to information on the course published by Gong Golf. When playing nonetheless, there are a few practical distinctions. Prior to using the course, participants must go through metal and security screening. In order to prevent stray golf balls from disrupting operations on the busy airfield, there appears to be a red light system in place that halts play when planes are landing. Although this is obviously not a problem if you are there for the flying experience as well, you can imagine how distracting the noise and views will be to a game of golf.

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