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Advertising Media Rates

Dave D

A Selection Of Packages To Suit Your Needs

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Break Down

6.9 baht per hour
166 baht per day!!!

Break Down

13.8 baht per hour
333 baht per day!!!

Break Down

20.8 baht per hour
500 baht per day!!!

Break Down

27.7 baht per hour
666 baht per day!!!

Break Down

41.6 baht per hour
1000 baht per day!!!

Media Packages

All Your Pattaya Advertising Needs

Advertising can sometimes be a minefield, especially with so many companies offering different types of advertising. As business owners, all we need is for one company to have all the advertising solutions in one easy-to-use place, be it in the form of advertising on social media platforms, TV advertising, online and much more.

There are so many avenues of choice that is can be simply mind-boggling to say the least. If you have a business and desperately need to reach out to new customers. Our organization can ensure you get all your advertising needs under one roof to simplify your advertising strategies.

Television Advertising Rates

We have various packages available on request.

Contact  Dave 

0892 50 56 91

Email…. [email protected]





Digital Advertising Rates

With our new design, we have changed how and where our adverts are displayed for maximum exposure.

Currently, we are receiving an average 3 Million views per month from over 194 different countries.

Contact us for our latest digital marketing packages 

Streamline Your Pattaya Advertising Options!

Pattaya One is the  biggest media platform, offering ALL advertising solutions for businesses who want to have high-impact and exposure across the city’s biggest advertising platforms.

With over 22 years in Thailand and over 45 years in the media business we can offer you some of the most impressive and hard-hitting advertising packages that will suit your individual needs to promote your business/services in the most modern and effective manner.




Reach Your Potential Audience

It’s never going to be easy having your website found by the top search engines. With the ever changing google algorithms it proves a very difficult task to be able to keep on top of all the requirement in order to get to that elusive number ranking. We have the experience knowledge and understanding of SEO in order to deliver and achieve the best ranking for your business.

SEO packages start from 10,000 THB per month

Terms and Conditions apply

Pattaya One Radio Online

Pattaya One  plays the best mix of then and now. From the latest chart hits and anthems to a wide variety of music from different eras, with great memories from the 80′s, 90′s and 00′s, right through to today.

Pattaya One is home to a number of shows playing specialist music styles, for example rock, reggae and soul, and the occasional guest slot from live Djs. During our live broadcasting hours the chat rooms are usually buzzing with people, so it’s a great place to request your favorite song and also to make new friends from all over the world.

We broadcast 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Talking Heads Podcast

Structured around the act of spontaneous conversation. In a PODCAST talk show, WE discusses various topics put forth by a talk show host and you the listener.

We broadcast weekdays 5 -7 pm  (UTC)

To join us on the show for FREE just book your time by calling 0892 505691

Header Banner

728 x 90
5X GIF rotation 29000 thb per month

Under Featured Image Article Pages

698 x 90
5X rotation GIF
10000 thb per month

Middle of Article

698 x 90
5X rotation GIF
10000 thb per month

End of Article Pages

698 x 90
5X rotation GIF
10000 thb per month

Sidebar Top Home Page

300 x 250
15000 thb per month

Sidebar Top Home Page Video Banner

300 x 250
20000 thb per month
  • Must be embedded from customers server to minimize our site load times

Sidebar Article Pages

10000 thb per month per spot



728 x 90
5X rotation GIF
10000 thb per month

Internet Marketing

Sponsored Artical Links start from 3000 B per Artical

We Don’t Only Do Banners

We understand that sometimes website banners just don’t cut the mustard, sometimes an article is required! Sometimes you need high-quality images of your food, venue, product etc. to be included in a well-written article then shared with the people who matter!

We know just how important it is to get an audience, that’s why we  also provide TV segments.

Our team will do all the work for you, including high-quality video stabilized using the DJI OSMO and Drone footage to provide that WOW factor! Our team of experts will then create a video that can be used for a TV segment and social media, your overall reach will be in the millions!

The only things we may ask you for is a high-quality version of your logo and whether or not you require specific information to be included.