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Mercedes Pursues Verstappen with Record-Breaking Offer

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In a bold move, Mercedes is reportedly preparing a groundbreaking €150 million ($A245 million) per season offer to lure reigning F1 champion Max Verstappen away from Red Bull starting in 2025. The proposal, which includes substantial bonuses, dwarfs Formula One’s existing pay records and signals Mercedes’ intent to secure Verstappen’s services.

Verstappen’s current salary at Red Bull, estimated at around $55 million USD ($A84 million), would be more than doubled by Mercedes’ eye-watering offer. The potential deal represents a significant financial enticement for the Dutch driver to make the switch to Mercedes.

Mercedes’ move to secure Verstappen comes amidst speculation surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s future. Hamilton, currently earning an estimated $45 million USD ($A69 million) per season, is set to join Ferrari in 2025. His anticipated salary at Ferrari, reportedly between $87-100 million USD ($A133-152 million) per season, underscores the escalating financial stakes in Formula One.

According to reports, Verstappen is set to meet with Mercedes officials during the upcoming Miami Grand Prix weekend to discuss the proposed offer. The timing of the meeting adds intrigue to the already intense rivalry between Mercedes and Red Bull on and off the track.

In a strategic move, Mercedes is also targeting senior Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko as part of their recruitment drive. Marko, a pivotal figure in Red Bull’s success, has a close relationship with Verstappen. His potential departure from Red Bull could influence Verstappen’s decision to join Mercedes.

In addition to Verstappen and Marko, Mercedes is reportedly interested in securing the services of Adrian Newey, Red Bull’s esteemed technical wizard. Newey’s track record of success in designing championship-winning cars makes him an attractive prospect for Mercedes as they seek to strengthen their engineering capabilities.

Despite interest from Aston Martin, Newey has reportedly declined offers to leave Red Bull. With Mercedes now in the fray, the competition for Newey’s expertise intensifies, highlighting the team’s determination to reinforce their technical prowess.

Mercedes’ aggressive pursuit of Verstappen, Marko, and Newey reflects their strategic response to the impending departure of Lewis Hamilton. As the F1 landscape evolves, Mercedes aims to secure top talent and maintain their competitive edge in the pursuit of championship success.

Credit: Fox Sports Australia

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