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Actor promotes Soi Dog charity

Actor promotes Soi Dog charity

The famous actor from Channel 3, Thai-British Peter Denman, paid a visit to the Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket on January 28, to get to know more about the work they do and spend time with the animals. He has also been nominated to be one of Soi Dog’s brand ambassadors as well.

During the visit he had a tour around the sanctuary that houses more than 1,000 rescued dogs and cats. The tour began by seeing some of the dogs that were saved from the dog meat trade followed by some of the lucky dogs recently rescued by Soi Dog from the Nakhon Phanom shelter, which is an ongoing process.

These dogs spend time at the sanctuary and are then flown to the US and Canada as part of Soi Dog’s International Partner Rescue Programme (IPRP) who help the dogs find homes.

The actor was introduced to many of the other dogs at the sanctuary before meeting the puppies. He also cuddled some cats who were pleased to take a daytime nap on his lap.

He then visited Soi Dog’s hospital where over 3,800 animals were treated last year. The tour visited the sterilisation suite where he observed an operation by the vet team. Soi Dog Foundation sterilised over 80,000 animals during 2018 which took the total number to over 260,000 since it began in 2003.

After the tour, he met the popular eight-year-old mongrel named Hancock while talking to the adoption team about the process of adopting from Soi Dog.

“Not only do the puppies need loving homes, but the adult dogs do too. All creatures need caring families where they belong. Street dogs are strong and they are also very friendly and loyal. Adopting dogs and cats from Soi Dog is free and your future pet also gets sterilised and vaccinated against diseases such as rabies. Tick control and dental care are also included”, said Denman.


“I really always appreciate seeing the hard work at Soi Dog Foundation but they cannot do it without valuable help from the public. We should support this wonderful foundation to save stray dogs and cats, to give these animals better lives. Ways to contribute include donations, adoptions or spreading the word about Soi Dog Foundation.”

He had a leading role in a soap opera on Channel 3, Rak Plig Lock, with more shows coming up soon.


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