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Accident Claims Two Young Lives

Accident Claims two young Lives

A tragic accident was reported to Huay Yai Police. The Pattaya News, the police, and other first responders flocked to the site to aid several injured people.
Many locals had arrived at the scene to assist the casualties, all of whom were children under the age of 18. A 12-year-old boy and a 3-year-old daughter were found to have sustained severe injuries and died shortly after the authorities arrived, according to an assessment.
The deceased, whose names have been suppressed due to their young ages, reportedly died after a motorbike they were riding, driven by other juveniles, collided with their peers who were driving beside them. A pickup truck then knocked them over.

After learning of their losses, their parents, who had travelled to visit their beloved son and daughter, collapsed and sobbed.
In the accident, three additional kids were hurt, mostly with minor wounds. The Pattaya News opted not to publish their names because they were all under the age of 18. They were sent to Banglamung Hospital for more care.

Police discovered two motorbikes at the scene that the kids were allegedly using. The authorities questioned the 50-year-old pickup truck driver who was involved. In a terrified situation, he described how a group of kids were riding two motorbikes, with three kids and early teenagers on each bike.

When the party came to a curve and down a slope, both motorcycles lost control at the same time, sending the group into a fall. As Mr. Nikorn approached, the kids were all over the road, and he ran over two of them, breaking their legs.

According to Mr. Nikorn, he was unable to brake in time. As soon as he could, he stopped his car and hurried to the children’s rescue before other locals arrived.
Witnesses to the collision corroborated Mr. Nikorn’s assertions, stating the kids lost control after failing to maneuver a curve and that Mr. Nikorn offered full assistance. The witnesses also stated that the children were moving quickly.

To ascertain whether the children’s demise was brought on by being run over by the pickup truck or by falling, the remains were sent to Banglamung Hospital. There were no reports of legal action being filed.

According to Thai legislation, a person must be at least 18 years old to operate a vehicle and 15 years old to operate a motorcycle, according to The Pattaya News. None of the kids was sporting a motorcycle helmet.


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