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A Thailand Restaurant Owners Lament.

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With tourist businesses in Thailand slowly getting used to living with Covid and those who were lucky enough to survive, picking up the remains of what’s left after the pandemic  need the most cost effective marketing of their business, and I spoke to one Bangkok Bar/restaurant owner and he told me:

“The smart marketers know their numbers – millions of followers on social media, monthly traffic, ad clicks, banners views etc.

The ads they will make for you only need to be seen by a small percentage and you will increase your sales by 50%! He is telling me right now!

Great you think! I have finally found the guy I need to help me grow the business. So you ask the obvious question.

“So if I increase sales by 50%, I can pay you 10% of all my increase. You will make lots of money for helping me with your advertising tools.” He looks at you blankly and says “Sorry we don’t work that way. We just make people see your ad. You still need to convert the sale, and since we can’t control that part, we only work on up-front payments.”

You counter with “but your ad is going to tell the people the product, the price, and everything else they need.

If they come in to my shop after they see your amazing ad, and tell us the code you put on the ad, then we are not doing the selling – your ad is”

Again the blank look comes back at you.

“Sorry sir, that’s just not the way that advertising works. You pay us now. We run the ads and show lots of people. People read the ads, or they don’t. People come to your shop and buy, or they don’t.”

Get them through the door

The Marketing guy is going to target your ad to people who want your products because he can use some algorithm provided by one of the big tech companies.

You don’t understand what that means. You just know that you have two key groups of customers.

 For me it is Foreigners over the age of 40 that like sport and Thai ladies that enjoy drinking Wine and eating good food. If they live or work within a few kilometers from your shop it would be even better.

He says he will send ads out using some new system that shows the ads to these people and he will send you some reports showing you the numbers of people who get the ads, click this button or that button, and how many milliseconds they spent looking at your ad.

You think this all sounds impressive, and you know you don’t know much about these new technology systems.

The price he is quoting you sounds small if he really can make your business grow by 50%.

But there is something nagging away at the back of your mind. You can’t quite figure it out.

You go ahead with the plan he has provided you with the great slide deck and presentation. He gives you a contract to sign.

He tells you that they will start the campaign as soon as you transfer the money. You promise you will do that tomorrow.

You go home happy you have made a great decision for the business. This is the boost you need after Covid and the economic downturn the virus created!

You tell the wife all about it proudly, excited to impress her with your new knowledge and decision making.

Then she asks … “What happens if no customers look at the ads, or they look at them and then don’t come into the shop?

What happens if you only get a few extra customers and don’t even cover the cost of the advertising? How do you know the people will really see the ads?”

You can’t sleep that night. Seriously, why is advertising this way?

Why isn’t there a marketing service that only charges you when you make extra sales?

When you employ sales people, you can find plenty that will work on a commission only basis? Sure you spend time training them or maybe give them a low base salary, but when they sell, you pay them 5% or even 10% of the money made!

There must be a better system out there.

You promise yourself tomorrow that you will try to find that company.

The world is screaming out for such a service.

You are screaming out for that service.

A marketing service that is not a risk.

Not gambling.

Imagine a marketing service that gets new customers to physically turn up at your business and be ready to spend. A service that could target your perfect customers.

The type of customers that you know love your products and once they try them you know they will come back time and again. For years.

What would you pay for that service if you only have to pay after they walk in the front door?”

It is here … now … and you don’t even pay for it. Click the image to sign up free

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