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A foreign motorcyclist struck in a hit-and-run by a baht bus in Pattaya

An odd occurrence occurred this morning in the early hours when a foreign motorcycle was struck by what is thought to be a baht bus, which then fled the scene. The Hard Rock Hotel was nearby when the crash happened at 3.30 in the morning.

When Sawang Boriboon Foundation emergency medical personnel were called and arrived on the scene, they discovered the foreign biker battling with what might have been a severe head injury. At this point, it is unknown who the man who is at the center of this sad tragedy is. According to the Sawang Boriboon responders, the individual appeared to be exhibiting indicators of possible alcohol intoxication.

Nearby, someone discovered a prominently abandoned black ADV 150 Honda motorcycle that was thought to belong to the injured foreigner. Without further delay, he was transferred to a nearby hospital for immediate medical care.Prinya Kamphaengphet, a local, was on the scene. The 38-year-old was having a peaceful early-morning stroll close to the scene of the collision. Prinya mentioned that she had seen the incident, in which the motorbike appeared to be competing with what looked like a baht bus when tragedy struck.

According to her, the victim and the bus collided, causing the motorbike to flip over and the rider to fall hopelessly to the ground. Prinya did not hesitate to grab her phone and record the incident after the mishap. Surprisingly, she stated that the baht bus driver briefly halted, apparently to inspect any damage to his vehicle.

Prinya was shocked to see that the driver showed no regard for the rider who was hurt and instead chose to leave the scene, leaving the victim laying on the road. Prinya called the police after seeing this horrible deed and reported it.The authorities are looking into the CCTV footage that shows the precise site of the crash in an effort to find the evasive driver. Additionally, work is being done to firmly establish the motorbike rider’s individuality.

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