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Officials Take Action Against Motorbike Taxi Drivers

Officials Take Action Against Motorbike Taxi Drivers

A briefing meeting was held at the Banglamung District Office, chaired by Mr. Weekit Manarojkit, the Banglamung District Chief. The primary focus of the meeting was to address issues related to motorcycle taxi groups operating in the Banglamung District and Pattaya City areas.

Concerns were raised about some motorcycle taxi drivers causing problems, including quarrels with tourists and citizens, which negatively impacts the image of these tourist cities. One recent incident involved two Thai women who reported being assaulted by a motorcycle taxi driver after a dispute over using a turn signal.

Key issues discussed in the meeting included:

  1. Physical Altercations: There have been instances of motorcycle taxi drivers attacking foreign tourists. In one case, a Russian man was assaulted by a group of taxi drivers in the middle of Pattaya after a parking dispute. Additionally, some drivers have aggressively confronted private cars waiting to pick up family members or acquaintances, mistaking them for ride-sharing vehicles. Such behavior damages the district’s reputation.
  2. Registration and Regulation: There are both registered and unregistered motorcycle taxi drivers in Banglamung District. In 2020, there were only 809 registered motorcycle taxi drivers, but a census showed there were actually around 4,575 motorcycle taxi riders. Many drivers have not properly registered their motorcycles or obtained valid driver’s licenses. To address this, the subcommittee aims to amend regulations and enforce penalties for repeat offenders.
  3. Driver Licensing: Mrs. Chamlong Alak Koonwat, head of the Transportation Office in Chonburi Province, emphasized the importance of proper licensing. Motorcycle taxi drivers must obtain a public driver’s license, undergo training, and adhere to regulations. Those using ride-sharing apps must also apply for a certificate to operate legally.
  4. Proposed Penalties: The subcommittee proposed a tiered penalty system:
    • First offense: Fine and point deduction according to Department of Transport regulations.
    • Second offense: Suspension of taxi usage for 30 days.
    • Third offense: Removal from the list of authorized motorcycle taxi drivers.
  5. Collective Responsibility: The subcommittee will collectively decide on measures for repeat offenders. Potential actions include suspending a driver’s authorization for 15 or 30 days, or even permanent removal in severe cases.

The subcommittee aims to improve the behavior of motorcycle taxi drivers, enhance the district’s image, and ensure a safer experience for tourists and residents. This meeting followed a previous meeting with senior motorbike taxi drivers to emphasize the importance of cooperation between different companies and groups, particularly traditional taxi stand drivers and mobile application drivers.

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