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3 dead after eating salad from market stall

3 dead after eating salad from market stall

A food shop that sells jackfruit salad (Soop Kanoon) in the fresh market of Tambon Nadoon, Nadoon district of Maha Sarakham was ordered closed indefinitely after it was reported that over 20 people who ate the soup bought from the shop suffered severe diarrhea and three of them have died at the district hospital.

A team of health inspectors were sent to the district hospital to investigate after it was reported that 27 people had been admitted to the hospital after they suffered severe diarrhea and illness. Three of them later died at the hospital.

One of the three dead victims was identified as Mrs Boonpun Wannavichit, 73. Her son-in-law, Boonlert Srikuta, said on November 11, a family member bought jackfruit salad from the shop in the market. He added that four family members, including Mrs Boonpun, ate the soup and all of them suffered severe diarrhea while three others who didn’t eat were fine.

All the four victims were taken to the district hospital for treatment. But Mrs Boonpun later died.

The inspectors found out that all the patients had eaten jackfruit salad bought from a food shop in the fresh market in Tambon Nadoon.

Inspectors later went to the food shop to collect samples of the food, including jackfruit salad, for lab tests which, according to Dr Pakee Sappipat, the Maha Sarakham health chief, showed no traces of bacteria.

However, food samples have been sent to the Medical Science Department for additional tests.

Source: PBS

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