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200+ women fell for an online man with a good profile

Two good looking women went to file a report with Thailand’s Action Taskforce for Information Technology Crime Suppression (TACTICS) police on the 30th January of this year. The report included a Facebook profile named Boripun Deemuk along with copies of different conversations with Boripun.

The two women who will remain unnamed reported that Boripun has been scamming many women online mainly through Facebook. Boripun is good looking and has a good profile, he chooses to talk with women of the good profile including both looks and money. Boripun’s main approach is to invite the women to join in business investment or to come work together. Boripun will then slowly introduce romance into the business conversation then ending with a request to borrow some money.

One of the women stated that she was scrolling through Facebook one day when a good looking man started chatting with her. He then invited her to come work with him in a website business. He made her believe that he was a rich businessman.

After a while, they began to engage in romantic conversations and decided to become a couple. One day, Boripun asked for some money to invest in the joined website business. After the money was sent he wasn’t so excited in the romance anymore with many excuses of where the money went. The woman played a phone conversation recording where Boripun made the woman feel sorry for him so that she could transfer him some money.



The 2nd woman then told her story of when Boripun started chatting with her. At first, he invited her to come work as his secretary and she will get 10% of what each project makes. But then there were numerous payments including event fees, photography fees, and more. Boripun would make her pay in advance and when she told him that she didn’t want to pay, he would threaten her with her 10% of earnings.


There are currently more than 200 women who have fallen for his scams with a total of over 300k THB in the total of loss. There is a high possibility of more victims that are too ashamed to come forward. Dailynews has reported further information where Boripun would try to blackmail any women who engaged in private activities with him.

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