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20 Vital brand building statistics

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Your brand is what you want people to think and feel about your business. If you are a business built around you as a person, think celebrities/Sports stars, then you should be, or at least appear to be pious to your customers and fans.

Saying this now and again a fall from grace shows you are fallible and human and your following can relate. You can be a lewd drunk like George Best and people just think ‘oh but what a great footballer’, or caught in the loos inadvertently fellating a Policeman like George Michael and you can still be forgiven, as long as your main brand is still solid.

I drink with my feet!

Small business and startups are always at a cross roads with the cash they have available to the brand they want to portray, it is a challenge for any Sales person to educate a startup CEO about brand awareness and advertising in places where it is difficult to give a definitive return on investment, all he can do is advise about Karma, patience, long term goals and how it has worked for a blue chip company with 1 million times more budget than he has available.

You really want people to recite your company strengths and what makes you unique when they are shown your logo. So what is your business doing to get that message out there?

Here are 20 tips to help you understand what works for others

  1. It takes between 5-7 interactions with a brand for people to start remembering it. So, when creating content for your brand, make sure you stay consistent across all platforms.
  2. On average, it takes about 7 seconds to make the first impression. That’s why you need to ensure that everything about your brand’s presence is top-notch in order to secure a positive first impression.
  3. A staggering 13% of consumers are willing to spend more if they feel that the brand they’re supporting is trying to make a positive change in the world.
  4. When branding your business, you want to ensure that you make the best possible impression. That’s why you should always focus on providing stellar customer support, as 73% of consumers name this as one of their top priorities.
  5. Word of mouth marketing is still one of the best forms of marketing. It becomes even clearer why if you consider the fact that up to 62% of consumers are likely to share various online deals with their friends and family.
  6. When marketing your business, don’t just try to push products. Instead, try to build a community around your brand. As an example, 38% of moms are more likely to purchase from brands “liked” by other women, so keep that in mind.
  7. As much as 73% of consumers prefer personalized shopping experiences. This is something you can easily include in your promotion with personalized emails, targeted offers and similar incentives
  8. When asked why they are loyal to a brand, most people put cost, quality, consistency and experience front and center. These four qualities are obviously extremely important in the business world, and making them the core base of your brand can bring a lot of success your way
  9. Connecting with customers on social media is crucial to building brand loyalty. In fact, 90% of customers purchase from brands that they follow on social media. So make your presence known!
  10. According to research, as much as 94% of customers relate most to brands that emphasize transparency. Needless to say, when trying to create a positive relationship with your customers, honesty is your best too
  11. Authenticity and honesty play a major role in the business world. Up to 86% of shoppers will research a brand on social media before deciding to do business with it. So, make sure that your presence on these platforms is as honest and authentic as possible
  12. It would be best to try and avoid mixing your personal political views with your business. More than 60% of consumers stated that they don’t mind boycotting brands that don’t align with their political views. So, if politics isn’t crucial for your brand, best avoid mixing it altogether.
  13. Putting your brand values front and center can be a great tool for generating more leads. As much as 89% of consumers relate to brands that share the same values as them.
  14. 43% of consumers choose brands they’re loyal to over others in the same industry. So, having a strong brand presence doesn’t only boost reputation, but it does wonders for sales as well.
  15. Unfortunately, less than 10% of B2B companies state that they’re consistent across all marketing channels. And since we’ve already mentioned that consistency is extremely important, you have the opportunity to create a strong brand just by being more consistent.
  16. Having a strong brand can even positively affect hiring and training expenses. According to research, these can be brought down by as much as 50% with just branding your business the right way.
  17. Interestingly enough, something as simple as the colors you use in your branding efforts can boost brand recognition by as much as 80%. So, make sure you stay consistent color-wise in your branding efforts
  18. It takes no longer than 10 seconds to form an opinion about a brand’s logo. That’s why you need to make sure that your logo is appealing, relevant to your brand and easy to understand at first glance.
  19. Similar to authenticity, brands should also make sure that the content they produce is unique and original. Namely, 61% of consumers are far more likely to do business with a brand that has original, engaging and informative content
  20. Content marketing plays a key role in establishing your brand on the market. Only 53% of businesses use content marketing as their branding strategy. However, consumers state that they find businesses that offer valuable and relevant information far more appealing.

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