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120,000 Baht Stolen from back of Pickup Truck

A total of 120,000 Baht worth a gold and money stolen

On February 5th, just after the stroke of midnight, Pattaya police were called to the scene of a burglary outside a restaurant in central Pattaya, totaling 120,000 Baht.

At the scene, police found the victim of the robbery, a 35 year old Thai male waiting patiently for police assistance. He told police that he had been out for something to eat with his family, and on returning to his vehicle, an Izuzu pickup truck, he saw nothing unusual. It was only when he started driving home, that he felt a rush of air coming into the car, and turned around to see that the back window had been smashed off and his bag missing from the back seat. At this point, he stopped the car and called for police.

He told police that the bag contained 25,000 baht in cash, a gold chain weighing 2 baht, which is roughly 39,000 baht, a gold ring worth a little over 25,000 baht, and a gold Buddhist chain weighing 1 baht, which was worth just under 20,000 baht. The total loss comes to just under 120,000 baht.

The money and gold were not too important for the victim however, it was the loss of the gold Buddhist amulet that was troubling him the most.

Police have polished the vehicle for finger prints and will be looking at CCTV images from the restaurant and surrounding area. Police also questioned some of the staff at the restaurant, but unfortunately no one saw anything that could help with the investigation.

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