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Deputy Manager inspects city-wide construction

Pattaya Deputy Manager Sutham Petchket visited three road construction sites to show city hall is still keeping an eye on the work.

Although no updates were given, during the morning of Oct. 7, Sutham, took a look at the 3 areas where phase 1 of the projects to bury 22kv high-voltage and 400/230 V low-voltage electric cables, along with communication cables is ongoing, in Central Pattaya before reaching Soi Buakhao, the traffic junction under the Bali Hai Bridge, and Sukhumvit Road in front of McDonalds on Central Pattaya Road.

Sutham instructed the contractors “to work carefully and to store all materials, scraps and equipment in a safe place to avoid accidents,” and in places where the cement has already been poured, to “return the traffic surface immediately to facilitate people’s and tourists’ traveling.




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