Thailand Elite Card New Membership Programs


Thailand Elite Card pleased to announce the release of four new membership programs

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Thailand Elite is the only Government led program that offers unique long stay visa benefits conveniently designed to facilitate the convenience and benefits of lengthy stays for travel, business and leisure purposes in Thailand.

Join us now for unique long stay visa benefits and many other membership privileges…
• Stay in Thailand without the inconvenience, cost, and time of leaving the country for visa runs
• Concierge service and Elite fast track privilege upon arrival and departure for optimal convenience
• Exclusive Thailand Elite Member arrival and departure lounges
• Complimentary round trip limousine transfer on international flights
• Complimentary golf, spa and annual health check
• Special prices at our selected partners for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and others

It has been a pleasure welcoming elite members to Thailand. Our success comes from continuous faith in the excellence of our membership programs and services.

We are committed to giving our members priority and facilitating their needs with visa and airport services as well as other unparalleled privileges.

In order to further enrich our Thai elite member’s lifestyle while exploring our beloved country, Thailand Privilege Card is pleased to announce the release of four new membership programs, individually designed to enhance the convenience and experience of Thai elite members and their family.

·        Elite Family Excursion : 5 years long stay visa (New!!!)
Ideal for the family that enjoys frequent visits to Thailand whether for leisure or business, the Elite Family Excursion program provides the legendary warm welcome of Thai hospitality from the moment you and your family step off the plane. You will all be escorted quickly through the immigration procedures and enjoy the convenience of the transfer service that we have arranged especially for you and your family.

·        Elite Family Alternative : 10 years long stay visa (New!!!)
For the discerning traveler who believes that his/her family deserves the very best and every step taken is well planned out. We offer you and your loved ones the utmost in convenience. Every time when entering or leaving Thailand, the Elite Family Alternative allows you and your family to enjoy and make use of your time in Thailand whether for long vacations or just for short visits.

·        Elite Privilege Access  : 10 years long stay visa  (New!!!)
If you are among the many who truly enjoy Thailand and agree that there are numerous facets the country has to offer such as the beautiful natural attractions and destinations, coupled with the graceful Thai hospitality along with some of the most delicious cuisine in the world, you will find that the Elite Privilege Access membership is tailor made for you.

·        Elite Superiority Extension  : 20 years long stay visa (New!!!)
If you are thinking of settling down, doing so in Thailand may be the best choice you can make. Being a member will allow us to help you make the right decisions and assist you to get the proper documentations done so that you can stop worrying about the legal maze that comes with such a major decision.

Credit: The Thailand Elite Team

  • Mike Murphy

    corruption is ok if the gov., gets its share

  • Tony Akhurst

    Buisness must be bad as express visa direct have been advertising on this site for the last month.

  • amazingthailand

    Yeah and tomorrow other rules wait and see

  • That ThailandElite scheme always seemed like it would only be of benefit to people who couldn’t afford it. Would be interested to hear if anyone has bought it and the value they got from it.

    Always imagined it being presented as a new product idea in some boardroom, and the discussion going more or less like this…

    … So, to summarise, you’re suggesting we bundle together a less hassle visa with no reporting to Immigration, limo service to and from the airport, departure and arrival lounges, a few discount green fees and manicure vouchers and the occasional feeling up by BUPA. Sounds perfect for a backpacker/gap year student/retired expat.

    What’s that, you want to price it at $30,000 you say? Blimey. In that case better market it to expat professionals and executives then; you know their firms have to pay them fat stacks to relocate their family to a country 150 places down the development index just before the kids start school.

    But they already have lawyers and accountants to arrange their visas, limos and drivers, first class and frequent flyer lounges, priority immigration lanes, health insurance and golf club memberships, you think… Oh well, better scrap it.

    Thaksin wants to do it anyway? Carry on then I guess…

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  • S.Y.Chang

    I want to sell original Thailand Elite Card.

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