This years Songkran unfortunately hit by violence


This years Songkran unfortunately hit by violence

SOGGY SONGKRAN celebrations turned tragic in many parts of the country with fistfights breaking out between water-splashing revellers, some brawls ending up with the brandishing of weapons.

In many cases, the fun-filled festival mood was filled with fear when situations turned bloody.

At least one man was stabbed to death during an argument in Prachin Buri on Friday night.

The following day, another brawl in the water-playing zone of Chanthaburi saw a stray bullet hitting Sompong Nongnua, 20, in his left leg.

He said he had gone there just to have a good time but ended up getting injured.

At 1.30am on Tuesday, many people were still mingling about on the street in front of the Laemtong Bangsaen Shopping Centre in Chon Buri when some gunshots were heard.

When the firing died down, four people – two of them women – were found lying injured on the street.

CCTV footage showed these victims were not engaged in any hostile activity. Tanawat Kingmala, a 37-year-old motorcycle taxi driver, was shot in his left eye while working to support his family. The damage is so serious that the doctor would have to remove his eye.

His grieving wife said the family did not have the money to pay the medical bill and buy an artificial eye for the family’s breadwinner.

Deputy national police chief Pol General Chalermkiat Srivorakan said police were looking into the various bloody incidents during the Songkran Festival to catch the perpetrators.

“Police will also be present at the major Songkran events next week in some parts of the country such as tomorrow and on Friday in Songkran’s Phra Pradaeng area,” he said.

This past week, many pictures of gun-wielding Songkran revellers went viral. In one, a man was seen coming to prostrate himself before another man holding a gun.

Fistfights were also common. Some people said they got beaten up simply because they refused to join the water wars.

Foam parties caused at least two deaths during the holiday week. One man was killed by an electric shock last Thursday while partying with his younger brother at an eatery in a foam zone in Bangkok.

In Udon Thani, a woman was electrocuted during a foam party on April 12.

Source: The Nation

  • Homebrew
  • Ken

    In other words, as usual the whole country turned into a chimps tea party for a fortnight.

  • amazingthailand

    Tittle sould be:” as every year Songkran unfortunately hit by violence”

    • popeye the sailorman

      or “every year Songkran hit by violence” as it does unfortunately should be banned for ever

    • Estebandejesus

      Title should be .” Daily wild animal violence frenzy briefly interrupted by Songkran”

  • ken

    The best thing these Cops can do is to make promises they never keep. They will not be present and even if they are don’t expect them to do anything to protect anyone.

  • Jack La Motta

    He´s Popeye the Taximan, got shot in the eye by a man, now he cant ride, but lucky not died, he´s Popeye the taximan toot toot!

  • Ken Anderson

    ”His grieving wife said the family did not have the money to pay the medical bill and buy an artificial eye for the family’s breadwinner.”

    These callous rice farmers daughters clearly care only about money. Not a thought for her husbands eyesight or welfare, only medical bills and her future cash flow.

    • Ken

      Eye eye then….

  • Tony Akhurst

    The so called bib are a waiste of time and taxpayers money They should employ the local girlguides they will do a better job.

  • amazingthailand

    Songkran finished time for the animals to go back to the stables

    • Gumble.

      you seem like a very disgruntled angry and bitter Pommy fat f*ck because you don’t have any friends on the account of your attitude in life

    • Gumble.

      So you fat slob poms will be going back to your little lonely view Talay rat hole condos with your fridge full of chang and leo beers next to your three day old 30 baht pork balls and noodle meal .

      • popeye the sailorman

        GO GO away from here you stupid brain dead ***ehole

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