Iphone 6 Stolen from Oman Tourist


Iphone 6 stolen from tourist whilst helping others

At 2:00am on February 7th, Pattaya police were called to investigate the theft of an Apple Iphone 6 telephone from a swimming pool complex in Jomtien.

Arriving at the scene, officers found a Mr. Ameen Al Brami, aged 26, from Oman. He is here in Pattaya enjoying a well-deserved break from back home, where he serves in the Army.

He had been swimming with a group of friends at the pool complex in Jomtien. After returning to the locker rooms, he came across a Russian couple have problems trying to open their locker. Mr. Brami felt the need to help the couple, and so left his phone on the bench behind and proceeded to help the couple. After several attempts and a bit of extra force, the 3 of them managed to get get the locker open.

After saying thanks you, Mr. Brami turned around to find that his phone was nowhere to be seen. He looked around but couldn’t find it anywhere, so decided to ask to see the CCTV.

After watching the CCTV footage, Mr. Brami was amazed to see that in fact, the Russian couple he had been helping, actually stole his phone too.

Police are now collecting evidence in an attempt to track down the thieves.

  • le chef

    well and truly scammed he was = also likely to get billed for damage to locker

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  • Lak Egmongkol

    Russian come back to enjoyed Pattaya!!!!!!!!!

  • Cynical Tourist

    Never never trust a Russian they are scum

  • russian perverts!

  • amazingthailand

    dont go to a swimmingpool visited by those quality russian tourists. beside bad manners these sh.t will use the pool as their common toilet

  • Muslim Ban = America

    Russian Ban = Pattaya

  • Mike Murphy

    good reason to carry a cheepo phone while traveling

  • Patamnak Hill Hobo

    Honestly these low down dog potato head Russians would steal the eye out of a needle given half a chance i would never shake hands with the slobs probably steal the ring off my finger.

    • Mike Murphy

      and count your fingers after the hand shake

    • Ken Anderson

      Indeed. In the past having worked with many Russians over quite a period of time, I have to say in many ways they are just like Thai men. Anything not nailed down WILL without exception, get stolen.

      • Patamnak Hill Hobo

        If it’s not welded down bolted down concreted in chained down super glued down , nine inch nailed down these vodka pis pot drunkards Russians will knock it for sure.

  • Ok now

    hahaha have to wonder whose locker did he help the Russians break into ???

  • Ken Anderson

    Quite obviously more quality tourists.
    TAT must be so proud of their achievement.

  • James Bond

    Russians are all scum. The Russians have ruined Pattaya. RUSSIANS GO HOME

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