Englishman found Dead after Missing for 4 days


An elderly Englishman has been found dead at his home in Pattaya

At around 3:00pm on February 17th, Pattaya police and emergency services were called to a small housing estate on the outskirts of Pattaya, where an Englishman had sadly passed away.

At the scene police found the dead body of Mr. Brian David Way, aged 70 year old, lying on the bathroom floor of his home, wearing a pair of shorts and no top.

Police were alerted to the incident by a local Thai who also lives in the same housing estate. He said that he knew Mr. Way through passing in the street, but not on a personal level. He told police that he would see Mr. Way walking up and down the street most days, as a way of exercise, but hadn’t seen him at all for the past 4 days.

He went over to Mr. Way’s house to check on him, but knew something was wrong as soon as he approached the house because of the foul smell coming out. He made his way into the house, only to find the dead body of the Englishman lying on his bathroom floor. He immediately called emergency services for assistance.

On further inspection of the house, police found several different forms of medication, and judging by the state of the place, it hadn’t been cleaned for a while either. Initial evidence suggests that Mr. Way had been suffering from an illness, which had eventually become too much for him causing him to sadly pass away.

Mr. Way did have a Thai wife, but unfortunately she has not yet been located, but a few of the locals have suggested to police that she had returned to her home town a short time ago.

The body has now been transferred to a local hospital where a full post mortem will take place, before alerting the British Embassy of the sad news.

  • Jack La Motta

    Very dark coloured body, must be due to advanced decompostion, where did all the blood on the floor come from? hurt himself falling, or something more sinister? blood flows only up to 10 hours post mortem if there were any injuries or cuts, then the blood coagulates and stops flowing! why did he´s wife go back home to her parents and leave her husband? a case for Colombo? Rest in peace old boy!

    • Robins

      Not quite, after death gases from the runaway growth of bacteria cause the body to expand and eventually rupture leaving blood everywhere. Used to take about a week in California, obviously much quicker here in the heat and humidity.

      • Jack La Motta

        Thanks for the info, did´nt know that!

      • Jack La Motta

        ” Used to take about a week in California ” O_o

    • Bloody hell Poirot, I had just assumed he was a black gentleman.

      The only medicine whose label I can make out is prescribed for arthritis or gout, so probably not that uncommon amongst Western expats of a similar age.

      [Note to P1N – do your photojournalists have to specially order cameras with resolutions not commonly used since the mid-90s? If you have to export at image quality 6, you should consider upgrading Photoshop, as it’s improved considerably in the 7 years since CS5.

      The image resolution used often makes it impossible to make out details relevant to the stories and being actively discussed in the comments, which could negatively affect traffic performance.]

      • Jack La Motta

        It is commonly not the individual medicines that are dangerous, but a combination thereof, not every Pattaya Tourist of a certain age knows that Viagra in combination with Certain blood pressure medications can dangerous if not fatal! no joke! especially dangerous is Viagra with Poppers, the sex stimulant, although it is a lower class drug and not illegal!
        better to stick to having a few beers or no alcohol atall, and if you absolutely need papas little helper then limit your Sildenafil/Viagra to 1 sachet in a 24 hour period. happy days 🙂

        • Very true indeed. I’ve been paranoid about drug interactions since I was about 6 and mum started giving me her old MIMS books every year. Poppers and ED meds definitely dangerous for anyone with hypotension or already taking meds for hypertension as well.

          Always makes me smile when people claim someone died because they took Viagra with stimulants like coke or meth, though, as MEs caused by the latter are usually complications of hypertension caused by their vasoconstriction side effects, while the Viagra is working to reverse or limit that. If you do happen to know anyone who’s partial to a bit of stimulation but doesn’t like the free high blood pressure bundled with it, I’ve heard on good authority that as well as Viagra, Xanax helps by lowering BP (and may help hold off the psychosis for a while) and L-Arginine increases NO gas production which makes little bubbles in the blood that expand the arteries to counter vasoconstriction.

          FYI, while spuriously packaged nitrites sold as room odorizers/aromas/tape head cleaners and so on (normally alkyl, bezyl, isopropyl and occasionally amyl nitrites) are not drugs controlled under the Narcotics Act and included in the four schedules of narcotics in Thailand, their manufacture, import, possession and distribution is regulated and requires a license, with penalties for violation of the above and including personal use is punishable typically with sentences of 1-3 years and fines in the 40-60k bt range.

          They were classified “volatile substances” (as opposed to controlled substances or scheduled narcotics) and the penalties defined in a 1990 emergency decree which was updated in 2012. That said, I was never a fan when I could take them legally, as they give me a headache, but if you do fancy a snifter with your beer I hear the friendly local lads that hang around Dongtan Beach have usually got some for sale.

          • Jack La Motta

            The only thing i sniff now are my socks to see if they need washing :/

    • L-Nino

      The color looks about right, after 4 days in the heat… and the blood/fluids will collect at the lowest point (gravity) and will leak out anywhere they can. Unfortunately that dark liquid in the photo may not be blood…

  • Ken Anderson

    ”Mr. Way did have a Thai wife, but unfortunately she has not yet been located.”
    I think the wife will be long gone, ensconced on some rice farm far away, assisted by her hillbilly family, they will be squandering what is left of poor Brian’s cash.
    I bet there is absolutely nothing of value remaining in that house, missing wife, and a Thai man been poking around ‘looking for the body’. For sure the place will be cleaned out.

  • Patamnak Hill Hobo

    I can smell a rat a mile away on this one

    • Jack La Motta

      me too Pat but after a body has been dead for 4 days and in an advanced state of decompostion, it is hard to find signs of foul play, unless he has a cut throat or a broken skull, or a golf bag tied round his head and hes head immersed in a suitcase full of sea water! be hard to pin this one on someone, but why dont they question the Wife using a lie detector, but seeing as she probably believes her own lies, i´m not sure if that would work, sigh………………… justice probably not done again 🙁 RIP

    • Darius

      How sad to die alone far away from your own country and family with no one really knowing how you died.Pattaya is not the place i wish to retire to RIP

      • Patamnak Hill Hobo

        It is very sad the way he died it’s not way wanna go thats for sure . These retired gents after a few years hit a wall in Pattaya they start thinking there 18 again and can hit the booze all night then deny they have Big fat beer gut and think there all in tip top condition .

        • Darius

          Very true why dont they open nursing homes in Pattaya so the older ex pats can be well looked after instead of having a young Thai lady take them out drinking and dancing they could play genka and connect 4 all day whilst sipping coconut water

        • James Bond

          PATAMNAK HILL HOBO is a convicted Paedophile paying bribes to Stay in Pattaya after he got kicked out of Cambodia…….

  • Much Respect to You…..

  • amazingthailand

    Murder she wrote get the ricefarmersdaughter

  • le chef

    easy to slip and bang head — rip

    • Jack La Motta

      it is, i got a reasonable sized appartment, but my shower unit and bath is quite small for me, i am over 6 ft and 14 stone, if i fell over i would be fu**** unless there was someone with me in the shower 😉 even then i still might be a gonna?

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  • Peer of the Realm

    Way passed away.

  • LondonChris

    Hmmm! don’t suppose the authorities will follow up on this but it seems a shade strange that the ‘wife’ has done a disappearing act.

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