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Young thieves caught with bags full of 10 baht coins

Young thieves caught with bags full of 10 baht coins

At around 3:30am on the morning of June 1st, Pattaya police were called out to catch a group of 3 youths who were seen carrying bags full of 10 baht coins and acting suspicious.

Arriving at the scene at a small housing village in South Pattaya, police saw the three suspects walking along the side of the road. They pulled up and managed to grab a hold of two of them, whilst the third member of the gang managed to escape.

Police found the young boys, both 13 years old, to be carrying bags full of 10 baht coins. Asked where they got the coins from, both suspects confessed straight up that they had stolen them from some washing machines outside the local convenience store.

They led police back towards the store and halfway there, police found the coin slot machines, which had been ripped off the side of the washing machines and dumped on the side of the road.

The suspects told police that they had seen that the owner of the shop was not around and took the opportunity to grab the coins.

They told police that it was the first time they had done this and were usually model citizens.

Police asked why two 13 year old boys felt the need to steal and were told by the suspects that they wanted money to buy some nice food and to be able to go out with friends.

The two suspects were taken down to the police station and the parents contacted. They are still looking to locate to third member of the gang.


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