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Suspected murder after dead body found badly beaten

Suspected murder after dead body found badly beaten

At around 6:00pm on May 30th, Pattaya police and emergency services were called to the scene of a suspected murder after a dead body had been found badly beaten.

The victim, a 40 year old male, was found in a rented room close to the Thai temple Wat Boon. Police arrived to find the body naked, with only a small towel covering the victim’s mid section. It was immediately clear to police that the victim had suffered an attack, with nasty looking cuts and bruises to the body, most notably, 2 injuries to the head.

Police took pictures and several bits of evidence from the room which may be able to help with the investigation. They also questioned the maintenance lady at the temple.

She told police that the victim had previously practiced being a monk at the temple for a short period of time. After finishing his stint, he stayed on in the rented room and would often help out with cleaning and maintenance jobs. She went on to tell police that he was a kindhearted man, who never had a problem with anyone that she knew of.

The last she saw of the victim was the previous day, when he had popped out to the local shop to buy alcohol, before returning to his room.

Police suspect the the suspects are someone who knew the victim on a personal level and believe that an argument may have broken out after too many whisky’s.

The body was taken away for a full postmortem to confirm the exact cause of death.

Police are now waiting for results before continuing with the investigation.

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