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You do not need to quarantine when you arrive back in the United Kingdom from this list of countries


This list is confirmed by the UK Government and you can trust this as Confirmed but please do double check thoroughly.

You do not need to quarantine when you arrive back in the United Kingdom from this list of countries;

Please check each countries latest arrival policy.  as their information is still not updated, and we cannot confirm for example Australia’s latest decision on UK arriving passengers. We hear they are considering a relaxation but it is not confirmed, so you must only consider what the regulations are today. 

They are being updated hourly and there are various time differences to take into account, it’s also the weekend, for the release of the information, who may still impose a quarantine or restriction for arrivals into their countries and may Relax them on specific dates, for example, mid to late July.

Over the next few days and we will see the outcome, of their decisions if they will allow UK arrivals to be free of restrictions or quarantines to enter their territories.

1 Europe Austria
2 Europe Andorra
3 Europe Belgium
4 Europe Croatia
5 Europe Cyprus
6 Europe Czech Republic
7 Europe Denmark
8 Europe Estonia
9 Europe Finland
10 Europe France
11 Europe Germany
12 Europe Gibraltar
13 Europe Greece
14 Europe Hungary
15 Europe Iceland
16 Europe Ireland
17 Europe Italy
18 Europe Latvia
19 Europe Liechtenstein
20 Europe Lithuania
21 Europe Luxembourg
22 Europe Malta
23 Europe Monaco
24 Europe Netherlands
25 Europe Norway
26 Europe Poland
27 Europe Portugal (only The Azores and Madeira)
28 Europe San Marino
29 Europe Serbia
30 Europe Slovakia
31 Europe Slovenia
32 Europe Spain
33 Europe Switzerland
34 N America Canada
35 Caribbean Antigua & Barbuda
36 Caribbean Bahamas
37 Caribbean Barbados
38 Caribbean Bermuda
39 Caribbean Cayman Islands
40 Caribbean Dominica
41 Caribbean Grenada
42 Caribbean Jamaica
43 Caribbean Martinique
44 Caribbean South Georgia South Sandwich Islands
45 Caribbean St Kitts and Nevis
46 Caribbean St Lucia
47 Caribbean St Pierre and Miquelon
48 Caribbean St Vincent and The Grenadines
49 Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago
50 Caribbean Turks and Caicos Islands
51 Asia Australia
52 Asia Brunei
53 Asia French Polynesia
54 Asia Hong Kong
55 Asia Japan
56 Asia Macao
57 Asia Malaysia
58 Asia New Zealand
59 Asia Taiwan
60 Asia Thailand
61 Asia Singapore
62 Asia South Korea
63 Asia Vietnam
64 Asia Wallis and Futuna
65 Africa Reunion
66 Antartica British Antarctic Territory

Please excuse the rushed email (again) I am sure it is not perfect but I think speed is the most important factor right now.

This list is as we have received from the UK government, even they have managed to get their continents mixed up so please see beting their mistakes such as placing some countries within Asia, and the Caribbean which one could argue are not!

I will get out a much better guide to you next week which I am sure you will enjoy and will be easy and simple to use and updated regularly.

Again, have a wonderful weekend and this information needs to be double checked by you personally please in case any mistakes in the rush to send out to you.

Please do consider carefully if you do really wish to travel, your personal health and safety must be your primary focus.

We are not encouraging you to travel, you must make your own measured and considered decision to do so and thoroughly understand the latest rules, regulations and process if you choose to do so.

Enjoy your weekend, as always your personal wellbeing must be the first priority for you.

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