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Women seek justice amidst threats

women seek justice amidst threats

Ms. Cher, 27, and Ms. Wan, 26, both employees of the same company, were physically assaulted and threatened by an unidentified Thai man in front of a movie theater in a prominent shopping center in Laem Chabang Sub District.

The victims reported the incident to the Laem Chabang Police Station, but they questioned the investigation’s thoroughness. The aggressor’s claims of influential connections and threats of further damage if legal action was pursued contributed to their unease.
On September 9, at 7:45 p.m., while the victims were viewing a movie, three men engaged in a prolonged, disruptive conversation behind them. The girls asked the group respectfully to lower their voices, but one male member responded aggressively by using foul language and kicking the girls’ seats. He even threatened them, stating that they would meet them outside if they persisted in their request.

Uncomfortable but determined to avoid confrontation, the victims sat through the remaining 15 minutes of the film. Upon exiting the cinema, they encountered the male antagonist donning a cap and a face mask waiting for them.
They began recording the confrontation on their mobile phones after sensing peril. Despite their attempts to defuse the situation and explain, the male became violent and assaulted both women. The assailant was temporarily stopped by bystanders, but the situation remained tense. The victims attempted to call the police, but their attacker seized their phone by force and threatened retaliation, citing influential connections.

Two young women, fearing for their lives, decided to apologize, which resulted in their attacker leaving them alone. They then reported the incident to the Laem Chabang Police Station and decided to involve the media out of concern that their case might not receive proper attention and justice in the absence of public pressure.


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