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Woman finds over 200 lottery tickets in Surat Thani

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A good citizen has found over 200 lottery tickets in Surat Thani Province, instead of keeping them for herself, she has decided to find the true owner. The tickets were found in the Surat Thani Hospital. A report was filed and police are searching for the owner. Somsri Suepkaew 39-year-old went to file a report with the Surat Thani City Police on 23 November 2020. She met with Police Colonel Sirichai Suksan the Superintendent and Police Lieutenant Colonel Mongkol Makanon and handed the tickets over to the officials.

Officials stated they received the tickets which are for the draw on 1 December 2020. Investigation officials have received orders to find the real lottery owner and to collect evidence from the area where the ticket was found. Security footage is being collected to help find who was seen carrying the tickets in the hospital. The owner can come to pick up the tickets at the Surat Thani Police Station along with proof of ownership. The good citizen found the tickets tied in a rubber band with a blank paper covering the top and bottom of the stack. She realized a patient or a visitor at the hospital must’ve accidentally forgotten the ticket while waiting. Somsri took the tickets and went straight to the police station before filing a report so police can help find who it belonged to.

The police wish to applaud the Somsri for being a good citizen and for setting a good example to others. She did what was right and brought the tickets to the police rather than keeping it for herself or selling the tickets. Police believe the real owner must be having a hard time after realizing over 200 lottery tickets went missing. The owner might not know where they could’ve left the tickets. Thai lottery tickets are sold for 80 THB per ticket, the stack of over 200 tickets comes to a value of at least 16,000 THB. There is also a possibility that some of the tickets will end up winning prizes and even maybe the grand prize of 6 Million THB!

Credit: Khaosod


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