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Wife brutally attacks Husband’s Side Chick

Wife delivers Muay Thai style beating to husband’s bit on the side

A shocking video has emerged online of a Thai lady viscously attacking a younger Thai girl. The attacker in fact, turned out to the wife of a cheating husband, and the victim was the husband’s young side chick.

The missus had heard that her husband had been cheating and decided to gate crash a party and deal with the problem herself. She obviously wasn’t too pleased at what she found, and proceeded to kick and slap the young Thai girl who had been fooling round with her husband.

Judging by what you can see, the attacker obviously hits the gym and probably a few Muay Thai classes too, and didn’t hold back using her skills.

Amazingly, no one thought to stop her, or help the victim, but even more amazing was the fact that the victim simply sits there and takes the beating, with no efforts to fight back. Maybe she knew she was in the wrong, but surely she didn’t deserve the beating she got.

Towards the end of the video, one of the party guests does get in the middle, but only to hug the attacker, as if to say well done.

Luckily, it looks as though the victim wasn’t too badly injured and she can be seen fixing her afterwards. No police reports have been filed regarding the incident and no arrests have been made.

The full video can be found on our Facebook and any updates on the incident will be posted on our website and Facebook.

Source: Bangkok Coconuts


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