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Why live on the Darkside of Pattaya

Ask any seasoned expat in Pattaya about the dark side, and their faces light up with what must be cheeky memories of their ‘sexperiences’.

Although there are many tales about how the area gained its name, the most likely story is that it is the area was not lit up with street lighting whilst the western side of Sukhumvit road down to the beach was glittering with neon.

Myself over the last 15years the darkside has been my home and still is

Rapid Expansion

Although all areas of Pattaya have grown significantly in the last 2 decades, East Pattaya is probably the area of the city that has changed the most.

It used to be seen as somewhere that was a long way out of the city, difficult to get to, impossible during rainy season, and lacking amenities.

Goodness! , how that has changed! The area is almost a town in its own right with a thriving nighttime community, especially in the villages around Soi Siam Country Club, Soi Khao Noi soi Khao Talo and all of Huay Yai.

The reason for the rapid expansion can probably be best attributed to the number of families now living in Pattaya and the fact that most of the more salubrious villages can be found in this region.

The Darkside has a more relaxed atmosphere making it more appropriate for families, although that certainly doesn’t mean that there is a lack of bars, restaurants or shops.

Living on the Darkside

Although Pattaya has changed quite considerably in the last few years and “normal life” is easily attainable anywhere, many still debate that it is always easier to achieve in East Pattaya.

Central Pattaya and other “party” areas certainly do have more of a resort-expensive-like feel and are filled with tourists, especially during the high season.

The Darkside comprises mainly of families and expats who live and work or have retired in Pattaya.

The vast majority of the accommodation that is available is housing as opposed to the condos and hotels which you would find in downtown Pattaya and Jomtien.

In some cases you could save up to 50% of the cost of living in the city.

Yes, there are villages in these areas, but not to the same extent as what you would find on the other side of Sukhumvit Road. In terms of housing on the Darkside, you can get everything from a relatively smaller 2-bedroom bungalow to expansive villas – with everything in between.

Each housing project generally has its own pool and sometimes Tennis courts it is the real Pattaya suburbs.

Things to Do

You won’t be bored in East Pattaya.

Just like in town, fantastic restaurants and bars are abundant where you can pretty much get anything that you want. In fact I spoke to a few expats who have not ventured into the beach side for a few years!

 Around Mabprachan Lake there is now an excellent track where you can walk or cycle without needing to worry about traffic. There are plenty of gyms and other recreational activities that are available such as at Horseshoe Point.


The area has dozens of shops, particularly those selling imported foods such as Siambury’s expat food shop.

Tesco Express, Tops, Big C Mini and other smaller supermarkets along with market are plentiful, again if you want the big city shopping experience Terminal 21 and Central Festival are just a short drive away.

Night out

Pattaya Darkside has so much more on offer than many people realise.

Take a look at the bars and girls across on Soi Khao-Talo and see that there is actually more bars than maybe many confess to know about.

Pattaya Darkside is far more entertaining than many people know.  

Many minibus loads of foreigners travel there for a raunchy day out.

The new bypass road can be putting your life at risk, if you want to cross it, but has opened a much better infrastructure.

If you like European food there are many decent restaurants but all charge more than Pattaya.

If you coming alone or in a group of friends, Soi Khao Talk located in Pattaya Darkside is definitely worth a visit.

There are a good few bars around and with the NEW HEAT bar just about to open up its getting better

Downtown or Darkside?

Like anything, this will come down to personal preference and your own circumstances. Most families tend to prefer the East Side of Pattaya, although more families are moving back into the city as it becomes more family-friendly.

Those who are single or prefer the bright lights and the livelier nights out may prefer living on the beachside. If you don’t have transport, getting around in East Pattaya may be an issue, which in some cases could leave you feeling a little alone.


The Darkside is a community in its own right, in many ways, no different from any other town or city.

If you are thinking of moving to Pattaya or the Darkside in particular, the night life is definitely less expensive, the hosts seem friendlier.

Value for your money is a must theses days

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