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What does the Rabbit year mean for you?

Rabbit year 2023

It’s time to bid the Year of the Tiger farewell and welcome the Year of the Rabbit. Those of us in Thailand were woken to the sound of firecrackers at the crack of dawn to welcome the Chinese new year.

The Lunar New Year, which occurs on January 22 this year, is a time when many people look to the stars to predict what the future holds.

The common knowledge is as follows: The 12 distinct animals that make up the Chinese zodiac signs symbolize the cycle of the 12-year-old Chinese calendar. Your birth year determines what sign you are under.

But that’s just the beginning. An entire year is classified for devoted adherents of the system, not just its animal. A complicated sexagenary cycle with 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches is also present.

Earthly branches and heavenly stems
Every year, a celestial stem (one of the five yin or yang elements) is matched with an earthly branch (one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals).

The 40th element in the Chinese sexagenary cycle is called Gui Mao; the earthly branch “Mao” represents the rabbit, and the heavenly stem “Gui” stands for water. The Year of the Water Rabbit will therefore be in 2023.

The convoluted history of the well-known Lunar New Year meal longevity noodles
When all the elements of a year are yin, like in the Gui Mao Rabbit Year, Thierry Chow, a geomancy consultant with a base in Hong Kong who specializes in fusing conventional Chinese geomancy with contemporary design aspects, says, “Gui Mao Rabbit Year is quite a spectacular year.”

“The presence of both water and rabbit is also unusual. The rabbit is a symbol for wood. According to Chinese geomancy, water nurtures wood.

According to her, businesses that use wood as their primary material, such as those in the arts, publishing, agriculture, and furniture, would profit. On the other side, because fire is terrified of water, the fire industry, which includes digital and technological enterprises, could suffer.

“The Year of the Water Rabbit will be a more tranquil year. We’ll have enough time for a break. The light is growing brighter now that we’ve been in the tunnel for a while, adds Chow.

How Jupiter’s “Grand Duke” rules your fortunes
The placements of the Tai Sui, the star deities supposed to rotate in opposition to and parallel to Jupiter, are thought to have a significant impact on each Chinese zodiac sign’s fortune.

A Chinese geomancy expert will examine a person’s birth chart, which is made up of a variety of elements including the day and hour of their birth, to determine how each person will be impacted by the elements of a given year.

For those who follow them, these combinations have a significant role in guiding crucial life decisions for the coming year, such as whether to get married or launch a business.

The information may be interpreted differently by various geomancy masters. Nevertheless, there is a basic understanding of what each zodiac animal’s year signifies based on the positions of the stars, particularly Tai Sui

The auspicious cuisine for the Lunar New Year is longevity noodles.

The time is 00:59.

According to experts, if your zodiac sign and Tai Sui, also known as the Grand Duke of Jupiter, coincide in a given year, you may experience difficulties.

Chow advises anyone who could be at odds with Tai Sui this year to keep in mind that the calendar is a rotating cycle.

“It’s like musical chairs; the person who occupies the place receives Tai Sui. Next round, you’ll be in a different situation, Chow predicts, noting that Tai Sui’s zodiac sign is also inconveniently aligned with his this year.

One could go to a Chinese temple and make offerings to statues of Tai Sui to settle disputes.

Even if you don’t fully believe in it, Chow claims that it psychologically jumpstarts the year nicely. “You’ll remember you did that, and it will offer you a little cushion when things happen along the way.”

It’s time to be more detailed now.

Find your birth year and the associated animal in the photo above, then read Chow’s predictions below to learn what the Year of the Rabbit might mean for you.


In 2023, those who were born in the Year of the Rabbit will experience their own zodiac year, or “Ben Ming Nian.” As a result, supporters predict that there will be greater turbulence and instability in the upcoming year.

“People born in the year of the rabbit should be prepared for significant changes in their relationships, careers, and health. It could cause some anxiety, especially for people whose birth charts don’t favor Water, according to Chow.

“But keep in mind that nothing is always awful. It might be a chance to advance.

Rabbits should make an effort to surround themselves with uplifting energy and participate in joyful occasions whenever they can.

No matter if these southern locations are located inside or outside of their city, Chow advises that they should also visit them.

There are signs that 2019 will be a fantastic year for dragons. Their year is unaffected by bad stars.

There are no pressing issues, besides perhaps the health of individuals who were born in the summer and the fall. They might easily experience stress,” claims Chow.

However, the geomancy specialist cautions Dragons against making snap decisions at work.

It doesn’t imply overanalyzing. Just give things more time to settle before making a choice, advises Chow.

This year, single Dragons may run into prospective love interests. Metallic hues like gold or silver are considered lucky for them.

In terms of travel, Chow advises turning west for greater luck.

The power of the rabbit and the return of Chinese consumers were the two bets made by luxury businesses.


The journey star Yi Ma Xing and the fortune star Cai Xing will rule over people born in Snake years this year, bringing them good news and abundance.

You’ll have opportunities, fresh paths, and advancements at work, claims Chow. However, snakes must maintain a healthy balance in life and take breaks when necessary.

This year, Snakes may discover love while on the road. Chow instructs them to travel to the north or west while donning blue or gold clothing.


“This year, the Peach Blossom Star (Taohua Xing) will shine over Horses. Chow remarks, “That’s always excellent news.

On the job, they’ll discover new chances and come across several mentors who can help them.

They’ll relish satisfying connections. According to her, people planning to get married or get engaged may wish to choose this year.

Chow does, however, advise Horses to be mindful of the physical and mental well-being of their family.

They may dress in vibrant colors like pink, orange, and a little bit of yellow. They can travel to their southern region, according to Chow.

Opinion: Everyone can understand the significance of this crucial day for Asian Americans.


Goats will meet Tai Sui this year.

Although it typically has a beneficial impact on their luck, it could also indicate that the year will be demanding. Goats must therefore take care of themselves and take breaks when needed.

“Set aside some time to learn more about yourself. You must maintain your modesty and low profile in terms of your career. Watch more. The perfect time will come when opportunities reveal themselves, claims Chow.

People born in Goat years will have a pleasant year in their romantic lives.

This year, they “are more likely to meet new people, new acquaintances, and even new loves,” claims Chow, who also suggests that a little amount of gold and a trip to the west would improve their fortune.


Monkeys will be harmoniously united with Tai Sui this year, which is good news.

According to Chow, their coworkers will shower them with praise.

However, that does not imply they should lead a carefree lifestyle. The geomancer advises that “this year, they should play it safe, especially those who adore extreme sports.”

They are prone to drama and disputes in their relationships, which could be avoided this year by increasing communication.

According to Chow, the color scheme for monkeys in 2023 will be yellow and beige, and they might get their vacation ideas from the west.

The Rooster

Roosters must prepare for this year’s matchup with Tai Sui, which means the months that follow may be chaotic and full of changes.

Chow’s advice: travel more and embrace the chaos.

The advice she gives is to “muster as much positive energy as you can and be more conscious that it might be easier to attract conflicts this year.” But realize that these adjustments are for the better.

They may dress in more yellow and brown clothing and travel to locations in the north or west to soften the blow.

The Dog

People born under the sign of the Dog will probably have a good year with major gains in their work and finances because Tai Sui is in union with them.

However, Chow advises Dogs to keep their pride in check and pay attention to others, especially friends and those they can rely on. They’ll share with you crucial information that will help you immensely this year.

Silver and blue are their lucky colors, and their lucky location is to the north, claims Chow.

Tai Sui will be greeted by pig pigs, indicating that it will typically be a good year.

The Pig

On the other hand, because of the added workload, wishing Tai Sui could have a negative impact on one’s health.

You must properly balance your time spent working and playing, advises Chow.

If they are prepared to concentrate on collaboration, people born during the Pig years may succeed in their careers.

It will be a very good year for you in terms of relationships. You’ll make new acquaintances and perhaps find love, predicts Chow.

She goes on to suggest that Pigs travel to the south and don pink and purple more frequently to improve their luck.

The following year, Tai Sui, also known as Xing (torturing) Tai Sui, will be at odds with Rat People born in the years of The Rat.

According to Chow, “generally, it portends a harder year.” But there is always yang in addition to yin. So always keep in mind that nothing is truly horrible.

Rats need to be more careful with their health and employment. This year, they might be more prone to minor accidents and misunderstandings.

They are advised by Chow to travel to warmer climates and don bright colors like pink and orange.

The Ox

The travel and fortune stars will shine over Ox Oxen, ensuring an interesting year.

“They’ll discover new opportunities, and their financial situation will improve. For both professional and personal reasons, they’ll probably travel more. They must, however, be mindful of their health because they are traveling and working more, advises Chow.

This year could be lucky for those who are unmarried and looking for love.

In the meanwhile, Chow suggests that they go north when deciding where to go.

The Tiger

Their “Ben Ming Nian” has ended for individuals who were born in Tiger years.

According to Chow, whatever difficulties and instability they are going through will soon improve. But since changes won’t happen right away, patience is essential.

She advises tigers, particularly those born in the spring and summer, to take it easy in the first half of the year and only make significant decisions in the second.

They should “save themselves some me-time” and proceed cautiously in relationships.

The colors yellow, blue, and brown might make them feel better. Chow adds that they might possibly go to their north and west.

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