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Video: 80,000 flee for the provinces as closures start

Covid-19 crisis

This weekend saw up to 80,000 people flee Bangkok and the surrounding areas as lockdowns started around the nation.

After the Interior Ministry ordered the closure of 18 border point from Monday had triggered a massive exodus of foreign workers and Thais from Bangkok to their hometowns on Sunday.

The Bus Terminal in Chatuchak district of Bangkok had seen around 80,000 people in a frenzy to leave for their hometowns. Staff had to ramp up public health security by making passengers wear face masks.

But, as you can imagine, very few people were able to observe “social Distancing” among the huge crowds that were packing into the stations and buses.

Agencies have had to increase buses to cater for the demand and now the high demand for body temperature scanners and alcohol-based sanitising gels.

However, Hua Lamphong railway station in Bangkok have reported no particular increases in passengers and said that they are observing strict public health guidelines.

This mad rush to leave the city came as Public health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul had urged people who live in Bangkok and other provinces to work from home for 14 days to slow the spread of Covid-19.

many foreign labourers are leaving for the borders ahead of moves to close border crossings from today, hoping to return to their hometowns in neighbouring countries.

Other people are also trying to escape the partial lockdown in Bangkok for the so-called “freedom” of the provinces, where the shops are still open and they might still have a chance to find work

One teacher Pawida Sae-Ho had said that she was in two minds whether to join the masses. However, after public health Authorities made a plea for the public to stay close to home, so the teacher then decided not to leave for her hometown in Yala’s Betong.

The teacher had said The Bangkok Post that the call from the public health officials had changed her mind as she could be a carrier and then pose a danger for her family

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