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Update: Thai Airways International – Flight Cancellation Notice

Thai Airways International

Due to an impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, the following flights servicing between Bangkok and mainland China will be cancelled:

Bangkok – BeijingTG674Feb 8-Mar 28Flights are cancelled.
Passengers will be re-accommodated onto next flights.
TG614Feb 18/20/22/25/27/29; Mar 3/5/7/10/12/14/17/19/21/24/26/28
Beijing – BangkokTG675Feb 9-Mar 29
TG615Feb 18/20/22/25/27/29; Mar 3/5/7/10/12/14/17/19/21/24/26/28
Bangkok – ShanghaiTG662Feb 10-Mar 28
TG664Feb 17/19/21/24/26/28; Mar 2/3/5/7/9/10/12/14/16/17/19/21/23/24/26/28
Shanghai – BangkokTG663Feb 10-Mar 28
TG665Feb 17/19/21/24/26/28; Mar 2/3/5/7/9/10/12/14/16/17/19/21/23/24/26/28
Bangkok – GuangzhouTG678Feb 8-Mar 28
TG668Feb16-29; Mar 1/2/4/6/8/9/11/13/15/16/18/20/22/23/25/27
Guangzhou – BangkokTG679Feb 8-Mar 28
TG669Feb16-29; Mar 1/2/4/6/8/9/11/13/15/16/18/20/22/23/25/27
Bangkok – ChengduTG618Feb 6/10/13/16/17/18/22/23/25/29; Mar 3/7/10/14/16/17/21/24/25/28
Chengdu – BangkokTG619Feb 6/10/13/16/17/18/22/23/25/29; Mar 3/7/10/14/16/17/21/24/25/28
Bangkok – KunmingTG612Feb 6/8/10/11; Feb 13/14/15; Feb 17-Mar 28
Kunming – BangkokTG613Feb 6/8/10/11; Feb 13/14/15; Feb 17-Mar 28
Bangkok – XiamenTG610Feb 6/9/13/16; Feb 18-Mar 28
Xiamen – BangkokTG611Feb 6/9/13/16; Feb 18-Mar 28

Aircraft types of some flights of the above routes in Feb may be adjusted. We do apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.

Thai Airways offices in mainland China will resume reservation telephone service according to local government’s announcement.

During public holidays or non-office hours, for assistance, please contact 1 of 6 Thai Airways reservation offices via email (according to originating departure cities of your ticket):

Beijing: [email protected]; Shanghai: [email protected]; Guangzhou: [email protected]; Kunming: [email protected]; Chengdu [email protected]; Xiamen : [email protected], or contact Thai Airways Contact Center in Bangkok, Tel: (662)3561111 (24 hours).

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