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Update: Australian kidnapped and raped British tourist for FIVE WEEKS

Australian kidnapped and raped British tourist for FIVE WEEKS

Update: Australian kidnapped and raped British tourist for FIVE WEEKS

A thug who kept a British woman hostage for five weeks has been jailed for only ten years.

Tattoo-faced Marcus Martin, 24, put Elisha Greer, 23, through a horrific ordeal in the Australian outback that included raping and beating her repeatedly.

She eventually managed to escape when Mitchell town petrol station worker Beverley Page called the police after seeing her with black eyes.

Martin had also choked his victim and binned her birth control pills because he wanted her to have his child ‘so she could never leave him’, according to ABC News.

He admitted three counts of rape and one count of deprivation of liberty and was sentenced to a decade in prison after he appeared at Cairns District Court via videolink.

The two had first met at an outdoor party in Cairns, north Queensland, in January 2017, but Martin turned violent when they met up again.

Ms Greer, from Liverpool, previously told the Daily Mail: ‘He shattered my nose so that it had to be rebuilt in hospital.

The cartilage exploded out the side. ‘He tried to gouge out my eyes. He smashed my legs so I could hardly walk.’

She said she was too scared to call for help and added many people had seen her bruises but did nothing. Marcus Martin has been sentenced to ten years in prison

Martin repeatedly raped and assaulted Ms Greer described how one time a mum told her young daughter to be quiet in McDonald’s after she asked what was wrong with her bruised face.

Martin held a gun to her head and forced her to drive more than 900 miles through the Australian outback.

Ms Greer, who waived her right to anonymity as a victim of a sexual assault, described him as ‘completely and utterly crazy’ in an interview with Australian TV programme Sunday Night.

She said he did not seem ‘like a psycho’ at first but he became ‘obsessive and clingy’.

Ms Greer added: ‘I just want people to know it’s okay… that being a victim isn’t the end of everything and that everyone can get through something.

‘I want people to know that it’s not the end for them.’

Ms Greer had to undergo surgery to fix her nose but has since returned to the UK and is currently working as a barber.

She added: ‘Why shouldn’t we speak out when we have done nothing wrong?

‘I think I just want to let people know that it hasn’t destroyed me. He hasn’t won.’

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