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Ukrainian ‘Barbie’ Fan Shares Photos Of Lookalike Mum

Ukrainian 'Barbie Fan Shares Photos Of Lookalike Mum

Ukrainian ‘Barbie: A model dubbed the ‘Ukrainian Barbie’ has revealed that it’s a case of like mother, like daughter – as her mum also has a similarly extreme look.

Valeria Lukyanova, who got her nickname because of her obsession of looking like a human doll, shared photos of mum Irina Pashckeeva to her 510,000 Instagram followers.

Irina, whose age is not known, seems to be the spitting image of her Insta-famous 32-year-old daughter.

Credit: CEN

Posting one photo, in which she’s seen wearing a bikini on the beach, her daughter wrote: “Coming to Instagram, my refined mother.”

In another, Valeria referenced her mother’s healthy lifestyle as the secret to her youthful looks, writing: “If you want to look as young and beautiful as my mum does, you should start going to the gym and give up unhealthy food right now!”

Valeria apparently shared the photos online as a response to accusations that she had gone under the knife to achieve her Barbie doll looks – despite the fact that she claims she’s all natural, apart from work she’s had done on her breasts.

Credit: CEN

A user called ‘Lilian2324’ commented: “Amazing, this is exactly how Barbie’s mum should look like!”

Another, ‘KlaraBara33’, said: “Remarkable resemblance and so cute!”

Someone else called ‘Wobyru45’ added: “You are both stunning, I love you!”

Of course, the mother and daughter aren’t the only ones who have been inspired by a plastic dolls – far from it, in fact.

Over in Poland, two women are competing with each other on Instagram to gain popularity for looking like Barbie.

One, Anella, has spent somewhere in the region of £30,000 on plastic surgery, and has 138,000 followers.

Her rival, Wiktoria, who has 134,000 followers, hasn’t been as outspoken about any potential plastic surgery procedures, but local media have suggested that she has had work done – her lips often being the subject of conversation.

Meanwhile, Kerry Miles, who hails from the UK, has spent an estimated £130,000 on her appearance.

“I always liked Barbie – I had loads of the dolls, and everything was pink and very girly but it wasn’t until 2006 that I started to dress like her,” she said.

“It all started with getting my hair done and wearing a lot of pink, revealing clothes.

“But in 2015 I got my first boob job which took me from a size 32B to a 30G. I’m now a 28G after my second boob job and now after losing weight and my new nose, I finally feel like I have the figure and face that matches Barbie.”

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