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Two teachers dead, twelve injured in car crash

Two teachers dead, twelve injured in car crash

A car accident claimed the lives of two instructors and left twelve others injured as they were on their way to work. The instructors, Thitthai Kaewsri and Srathha Muangdee, were travelling to their school when their vehicle struck a bus that was transporting labourers from a plant.

Local police were notified of the collision at a crossroads in Wang Koo, Nong Bua hamlet, at approximately 6.30 am. The Toyota car, registered 츁븞 6938 Nonthaburi, and the bus, which was carrying labourers within the 304 Industrial Zone, were discovered at the location. Twelve people aboard the bus were hurt, and they received medical attention at Sri Mahapho Hospital and Chulalat 4 Hospital.

Pichit Montrinok, the 47-year-old bus driver, saw the vehicle veer into his lane. He honked and flashed his headlights, but the automobile stayed in the same direction. Pichit braked and accelerated in an attempt to prevent a collision, but it was too late. The car was badly damaged on the side of the road, and the impact turned the bus over and into a nearby field.
When the late teacher Thitthai Kaewsri’s son arrived on the scene, he was devastated to see his father’s body. He added that his father was going back to teach at Tha Thong Dam School after leaving to fill up his car with fuel.
About fifty metres from the locations of the vehicles, officers discovered evidence of the collision. To find out the precise cause of the Prachinburi vehicle accident, they will examine footage from the bus’s front camera and speak with the driver and other passengers, according to KhaoSod.

According to preliminary investigations, Srathha Muangdee borrowed the vehicle from Thitthai Kaewsri in order to refuel close to the scene of the Prachinburi car accident before driving to the school, which resulted in the collision that killed both instructors right away. Twelve employees on the bus had minor wounds.

Photo: KhaoSod

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