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Two brothers stabbed in restaurant brawl

Two brothers stabbed in restaurant brawl

Rowdy youths instigated a brawl at a local restaurant in Toongyai district overnight, resulting in two brothers being stabbed and one of them admitted to intensive care.

Police answered a call to attend the violent brawl about 3am on Friday.  They found Prasith Kwanmuang 38, with minor stab wounds to both arms and his chest, and his younger brother Piyawat Kwanmuang, 26, with a severe stab wound on the left side of his chest.  Investigators were told the brothers were enjoying a night out drinking with friends at the restaurant when a group of youths came and sat at the table next to them, Toongyai police station chief Pol Lt Col Preecha Punyalert said.

The groups exchanged bitter stares and then the newcomers left. The two brothers and their friends left afterwards, intending to go to a snooker place, but found the same group waiting for them outside the restaurant. “Shortly after we were face-to-face they attacked us and some of them had knives. My brother (Piyawat) saw that I had been stabbed and tried to stop the rumble, but he was also stabbed,” Mr Prasith said.

Mr Piyawat was being treated in an intensive care unit for a serious chest wound. The other gang piled into a car after the brawl and quickly left the area. “From information we have collected, the motive was likely a personal grudge. The victims previous  conflicts with this violent group of youths, leading to this incident. We have questioned a lot of people and already know who the culprits are,” Pol Lt Col Preecha said.

Investigators have pulled video from nearby CCTV cameras to see which streets the gang travelled after  they left, and were confident of catching them. The name of the restaurant, which is believed to be well known, has not been released. Source: Bangkok Post

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