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Top Investigation ordered into Chinese beggars

Top Investigation ordered into Chinese beggars

In order to determine whether there is any international human trafficking involved in the numerous Chinese beggars in Bangkok, Minister of Social Development and Human Security Varawut Silpa-archa has ordered an immediate investigation.

“The matter could become a sensitive and international issue as the female beggar is Chinese, therefore investigators have to find out whether she is being exploited,” the minister stated, citing a single female beggar.

He claimed to have learned that, in the past, when Chinese beggars were apprehended, a Thai woman pretended to be a translator to the police before attempting to buy their release with bribery.

The existence of the Chinese panhandlers was revealed when Kan Chompalang, an activist, prompted police to apprehend a female panhandler and five other individuals who were begging for money in front of a Pinklao shopping centre over the weekend.

The beggar’s fingers were malformed, and her face bore numerous severe wounds. The beggars that were apprehended were all clothed in Thai school uniforms. She was found to have a bag full with Bt20 banknotes, which Kan calculated to be worth around Bt10,000.
Kan claims that several individuals have reported seeing beggars with a similar look in other parts of Bangkok, like Pratunam. He wasn’t sure if the panhandlers were relocated.

The crew arrived to work in the retail centre earlier this year, according to a seller outside.

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