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Third phase of easing of lockdown starts on June 1

Third phase

Third phase of easing of lockdown starts on June 1

The government’s Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) on Friday (May 29) decided to implement the third phase of relaxation of lockdown measures , CCSA spokesman Taweesin Visanuyothin said.
The spokesman revealed the main practices that people will need to follow

▪︎ Shop operators will need to have temperature screening for both employees and customers while also reporting to health officials when any suspected case of infection is found.

▪︎ People need to log-in via ThaiChana platform before doing any activities.

The CCSA also discussed allowing high school students to study in schools with secured practices such as dividing students into small groups and attending school on alternate the days. But concerns were expressed about young students since they tend to touch each other in playtime.

National Security Council (NSC) secretary-general General Somsak Rungsita, on Friday revealed further relaxation in the third phase in activities and shops effective from June 1.


1. Department stores allowed to remain open until 9pm

2. Exhibition halls with total area less than 20,000 square metres square can open until 9pm.

3. Amulet shops can open but with social distancing.

4. Barber shops are allowed to dye and curl hair, two-hour service for each customer and refrain from having other customers waiting inside the shop.

5. Nurseries can open for employees to make food to distribute to children under care.

6. Beauty salons, beauty institutes, and tattoo shops can operate on any part of the skin but must follow good health practices such as wearing a mask and keeping clean.

7. Massage houses are allowed to open but they must refrain from opening sauna and steam rooms while prohibiting the touching or massaging of customers’ faces.

8. Fitness centres can fully open but they must limit the number of customers in the area and refrain from opening sauna and steam rooms.

9. Team sport is now available for exercise and practice; no viewers are allowed in such areas and the number of players must not exceed 10.

10. Bowling houses, skating parks, and rollerblade parks are only allowed for exercise and practice.

11. Ballrooms allowed to open.

12. Pools and areas for water sport are allowed with operators limiting the number of customers.

13. Theatre and playhouses are allowed to open with only 200 people or less participating, but concert and music performances are still not allowed.

14. Zoos can open with limited customers in the area.

Somsak added that every shop and activities have to follow good health practices such as wearing masks, hand cleaning, social distancing, and temperature screening since all the new activities now available are considered as a medium to high risk.

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