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Thief takes disabled woman’s electric scooter

Heartless Thief Leaves Disabled Woman in Pattaya Stranded After Swiping Lifeline on New Year’s Eve

In a heart-wrenching incident that has shocked the community, a heartless thief stole an electric handcycle from a disabled woman in Pattaya, leaving her stranded and without her essential aid. Alisa Umsin, a 20-year-old Thai woman with impairment to both her legs, relied on her electric handcycle as her lifeline to mobility. This hybrid device, a combination of a bicycle and a wheelchair, catered to her lower body mobility issues.

The incident occurred near the Taksin Maharaj shrine on December 31st, as Alisa was setting up a water-selling booth for the New Year’s countdown festival near Soi 6. Upon returning from her sales, she was devastated to discover that her handcycle had been stolen. Determined to regain her independence, she had to manually push her wheelchair for kilometers before reporting the theft on January 1st at the Pattaya Police Station.

Alisa shared her difficulties and the impact of the stolen handcycle with The Pattaya News, likening it to losing her legs. Despite the presence of surveillance cameras, the heartless thief showed no remorse, further deepening the pain for the victim. Understanding the seriousness of the situation, the Pattaya police responded swiftly by dispatching investigators to collect CCTV footage from the scene.

The investigation is currently ongoing, and the Pattaya Police Chief is personally invested in capturing the culprit. The act of robbing a disabled person of their essential mobility device is considered abhorrent, and justice must prevail. The community is anxiously awaiting the resolution of this case, hoping that Alisa will soon regain her freedom of movement.


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