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The Mayor eyes an opportunity into the Casino-Entertainment complex project

Casino pattaya one march 30 2024

Pattaya City Mayor, Mr. Poramase Ngampiches, has lent his endorsement to the proposed “Comprehensive Entertainment Facilities Act,” designed to facilitate the establishment of entertainment hubs in Thailand, potentially including the legalization of casinos.

Addressing the Thai media on March 25th, 2024, Mr. Poramase presented this initiative as an avenue to usher in a new economic chapter for Pattaya, drawing parallels to Singapore’s successful tourism blueprint. While expressing his support for the endeavor, Mr. Poramase emphasized the necessity for clear regulatory frameworks from the Thai government to mitigate potential adverse repercussions. Proposing the potential site for this envisioned complex, he highlighted the expanses of available land, particularly in Jomtien near Pattaya, which could accommodate the project spanning over 1,000 rai.

On the other hand, Mr. Wattanaphon Phonchiwin, President of the Chonburi Real Estate Association, identified multiple advantages that the project could bring to Pattaya, including job creation, upsurge in residential demand, enhanced tourism attractions, and an overall upliftment of the city’s economic landscape.

Mr. Wattanaphon underlined Pattaya’s strategic positioning near U-Tapao Airport and its existing tourism infrastructure as pivotal factors rendering it an ideal site for the proposed complex. The establishment of a comprehensive entertainment hub of this nature has the potential to generate approximately 20,000 employment opportunities within the local economy and catalyze increased investments surrounding the complex, as articulated by Mr. Wattanaphon.

While acknowledging the presence of (illegal) casinos in Thailand currently, Mr. Wattanaphon contended that their legalization could bring about positive outcomes. He emphasized the opportune moment for advancing this project and the potential benefits it could entail.

Conversely, Phuket, another prominent tourist destination, has exhibited interest in the venture. However, Mr. Phatthanan Pitsuthwimol, Former President of the Phuket Real Estate Association, delineated divergent viewpoints on the matter. Some proponents advocate for constructing an entertainment complex in Phuket, citing its advantages, while detractors question its necessity given the region’s substantial influx of tourists annually. Critics propose exploring alternative locales in secondary cities to catalyze economic growth instead.


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