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Over half of all CCTV cameras in Pattaya don’t work

Over half of all CCTV cameras in Pattaya don’t work

After reports were leaked, the Pattaya City council has admitted that less than half of their CCTV cameras actually work.

To solve the problem, they are asking private firms to install their own security cameras and systems to improve safety and efficiency.

In total, there are said to be 2,112 cameras installed in various places since 2005. From that total, amazingly, only 900 are said to be actually working.

For all you keen mathematicians out there, this equates to roughly 43% of them, less than half.

A meeting was recently held at city hall to discuss what the problems were, with electricity and fires being blamed for the poor service.

No solution to fix the problem was finalised from the meeting, so authorities were quick to usher private sector companies and businesses to solve the matter themselves by installing their own security systems.

Of the CCTV cameras that were privately owned by Pattaya businesses, an estimated 95% were said to be working to their full potential.

A 32 million baht project which planned to extend the city’s government CCTV coverage into Na Klua sois 22 and 24 and the port area of Bali Hai have now been shelved for the time being, with no reason being put forward.

The authorities, while accepting that safety is important for the public, are looking for private firms and businesses to step up to the plate and pay for it instead.

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