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The F1 Fashion Show – Beauty At Its Best

The view from the front row


So where do I start? When it comes to fashion I am a total virgin. I know nothing about fashion and what to expect when going to a fashion show.

There is a saying ” You Never Forget Your First Time“, and I am certain that this applies to my recent experience of a fashion show. There is something to be said about the high you get from this magical, life-changing runway experience

Sugunya from KanyaPie Models

I had always thought that fashion shows are very lavish, well-choreographed with very beautiful models and amazing locations… well, I was right. However,  this fashion show gave us so much more. This year was also the first time that KanyaPie Models had featured a male model.

Beautiful models, lavish, amazing location and a well-choreographed show was just some of what I had the pleasure to witness. There were also 2 amazing dance routines but more on that later.

I had met Sugunya ( CEO at KanyaPie Models ) some weeks before in the Pattaya One office to discuss her Red Carpet Event where she was showcasing the beautiful clothing by Opal ( CEO at Opal Fashion ). Sugunya proves beautiful women can have brains.

Tell you the truth I was really excited. Myself and the Pattaya One team had left Pattaya about 3 PM in the afternoon for our drive to Bangkok, And even though it took us many hours and we got stuck in endless amounts of traffic, it was all worth it.

Watching Sugunya, Opal, and their team take charge and organize this event was truly mesmerizing.

The night warmed up with Alexa Evans, probably the best and sexiest solo dancers I have ever seen. The dance routine not only made all my hairs stand up on end but made me wanting to see more.. Links to Alexa will be below. Plus, Alexa’s biggest fan is her mother Charli who was there supporting her daughter. And that is so endearing to see how close they are, and Charli is such a cool woman to talk with..



Next up Indelible Footprints with their amazing street dance routine, and again this also makes a person wanting to see more. I had always seen and admired these dance routines on tv and youtube, but to see this live was so good.

After the dance routines, there was a short speech from Sugunya followed by the spectacular red carpet fashion show and I can see now what all the hype is about. Fashion shows like this really do have the power to transport an audience to another world.

It was just a merry-go-round of sexy, beautiful women in amazing dresses with the DJ playing tunes that really complemented the evening, Dave D helped out being MC for the night and I even got to give out some flowers, so I would go as far as to say the evening was ultimately satisfying.


We will have regular updates on Sugunya and KanyaPie Models in future articles as with Opal and Opal Fashions.

I am also hoping to have regular updates for Alexa but will have to wait and see.

But for now please enjoy the photos from the nights’ event and my biggest thanks to Sugunya and KanyaPie Models for inviting us and transforming a simple catwalk into an extravagant event.

All the links to KanyaPie Models, Opal and the performers will be linked below:

Alexa Evans

(please click above link for website)

Or visit her instagram

Visit Kanyapie here

(click link above)

Or visit her instagram

Opal Fashions

Please click the link above to see more



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