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Thai woman rages after being called a prostitute in South Korea

A furious Thai woman went on Twitter to vent her rage at being called a ‘low life’, ‘poor’ and a ‘prostitute’ by staff at a hotel in Incheon, South Korea.

Sanook reported that the woman found herself on a blacklist of hoteliers in the city.

The spat began when the woman was asked to update credit card details after she lost her card.

She claimed she was given too little time before the hotel canceled her reservation and started to have a go at her.

She tried to explain her dilemma and understood that some Thais have a bad name for working illegally in South Korea but she was not one of them.

But the hotel called her names saying Thai people were “poor people poor life”.

They said that Thais were well known for reneging on hotel reservations.

The woman said she eventually used the credit card of an English friend she was traveling with.

Many Thais have had problems trying to get into South Korea and are turned back by immigration if they are thought to be working in the sex trade.

One way around this is to travel with an unsuspecting western ‘friend,’ usually, a backpacker traveling alone and passing through Thailand who is offered a free shopping trip

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