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Thai woman injured in robbery at The Netherlands

A Thai woman shared her story online on the 26th of this month (August 2019) in hopes of warning other Asian women and men who travel abroad, whether on a vacation or to permanently living abroad. She went to the Netherlands for a vacation when she and her group of friends were robbed

They were in a public place when a group of people started to follow them. She was attacked and pushed down onto the ground. The woman states that they usually choose to rob Asian women using Brand Name items

This is not her first time in the Netherlands, she comes to Amsterdam every year. The robbery was done extremely fast by professionals and before she could figure out what to do they already took her friend’s personal belongings. The group of 4 were leaving a nightclub walking back to their hotel. Suddenly 4 men in black hoodies kicked the 4 victims legs from behind before robbing them.

The thieves started punching the male friend in the group. The owner of the post stated that she ran away so fast that one of the thieves couldn’t keep up with her, so luckily they couldn’t steal her bag. Deesang Jirapa stated in her post “Everything happened so fast. We were leaving the club when 4 men in black hoodies attacked us. One of them kicked my friend, one punched my male friend, I ran away as fast as I could.

They beat up my friends and stole a Rolex watch and a Chanel bag. Luckily they could steal my Gucci bag and my other friend was carrying a Fila bag that they didn’t want. The police helped us and we have been to the hospital. Thanks to everyone, from now on I’m not going to use Brand Name items anymore, thieves are smart and they are always watching.”



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