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Thai senators suggest military re-education may calm protesters

Thai senators

Several members of Thailand’s ruling party believe that the country’s political unrest is down to students lacking proper guidance.

The senators have said that the current curriculum in schools and universities does not concentrate enough on the origin of Thai people, the ancestors, and the importance of the royal institution.

They also recommend schools teach more civic duty and how to exercise freedom without affecting other people’s rights, moral ethics, and military subjects.

Schools should also teach military classes and discipline, said senator Anusak Kongmalai.

Anusak said rapid social changes has led a situation where the youth do not have proper guidance and therefore are channeling their creativity in a way that is not beneficial for the country.

Some observers, including this one, note that it sounds very much like a prelude to military run re-educations camps for whom the government consider to be trouble-makers.

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