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Thai man grabs police officers gun

Thai man grabs police officers gun

Officers from Provincial Police Region 6 apprehended a Thai man yesterday after he seized a gun from a police officer in the northern province of Uttaradit and fled on a stolen motorcycle.

Chitipun Kunnarmang, a traffic officer, was on duty on the Boroma-as Road on Friday, August 25 when he noticed a Thai man, later identified as 40-year-old Pitsanupanya “Jack” Teppin, riding a Honda MSX 125 motorcycle with illegal attachments.

An illegal exhaust pipe that made too much noise and also removed the bike’s registration plate. Chitipun, the police officer, urged Jack to halt, but he refused and escaped on his motorcycle.

Chitipun pursued Jack, engaging in a high-speed pursuit with the fleeing motorcycle. Due to his extreme speed, Jack lost control of his motorcycle and crashed. Chitipun, who was hot on Jack’s tail, reached him instantly and sought to arrest him. Jack assaulted the cop and took his police weapon.

Jack then threatened another rider with the revolver before stealing his motorcycle. He successfully fled the scene and went missing for several days before being apprehended yesterday.

Police provided information about the arrest on Monday and claimed that Jack’s friends were crucial to his escape. The stolen motorcycle was eventually discovered around 3 kilometers away at a shrine.

Thit and Ton, Jack’s friends, helped him flee by utilizing their black Mitsubishi Triton pickup. Jack changed his clothes at Ton’s house before continuing his trek to Phitsanuloak province.

Officers used a CCTV camera to trace the truck until they apprehended Jack in Pitsanuloak province. According to police, Jack had a criminal history of evading arrest on drug charges.

The officers have yet to file a formal charge against Jack. This afternoon, a news conference will be conducted to provide an update on the case.

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