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Thai ‘madame’ dates 5000 foreigners and then sells advice

Thai ‘madame’ dates 5000 foreigners and then sells advice

Thai ‘madame’ dates 5000 foreigners and then sells advice

A Thai woman, who called herself “Madame” and who claims to have dated more than 5,000 foreigners, has become the talk of the town especially among Thai women online because she offers a pricey course on how to catch a rich foreigner.

The woman has opened her Facebook page with the account name of Praiya Suriya and has 38,041 followers and 34,676 likes.

She offers a course for Bt6,300 (S$257) and guarantees that the women who take her advice will eventually be happily married to a rich farang or Arab man.

However, not all Thai women were happy with Madame’s service.

Some well-know women rights activists, such as former senator Rabiebrat Pongpanit and Leena Jungjunya, attacked her as damaging the good perception of Thai women.

Madame introduces herself as a former student who has received a government scholarship to study abroad. She says she has “struggled through everything” and has suffered from broken hearts and all sorts of problems.

She said she started her project because she “wants to take part in developing the Thai society”.

“Madame” said she would share her experiences with Thai women on how to find a really rich farang or Arab so they won’t waste time on trial-and-error practices on their own.

“Our family must live well and eat well. We must be happy and we will give our love to all. We must get rich,” she posted on her Facebook wall.

She said her advice would prevent Thai women from “getting laid for free” and she would teach them sex techniques that would forever impress their prospective husbands.

She claimed that she could scan chats of foreign men in less than 10 seconds to tell whether they are really rich.

“Madame” also offers advice on how to chat with foreign men to convince them to send money to the women and take care of their family.

Her pages offered short and general advice for free. Those who want deeper tactics must subscribe for her VIP room by paying a subscription fee.

In one of the posts, a woman asked her whether she could have a “kik” or “secret lover” farang because her husband often makes provincial trips and he gives her little money.

“Madame” replied that she would not give advice to a married woman because it would be sinful to deceive and get money from a farang while the woman already has a Thai husband.

In a request for details of successful cases, Madame replied that the women who succeeded were happily married so she would not intrude into their privacy.

A lot of Thai women posted questions on her page. She mostly gave short replies and told them to subscribe for VIP access.

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