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Thai Government hands out 5000 baht a month to help workers

Thai Government

Three million baht has been set aside to help workers to relieve their financial burden that has been caused by the Covid-19 virus. Tens of thousands of businesses have shut down temporarily across Thailand and the government hopes that the 5000 Baht a month hand out will help ease some of the strain.

Workers who are self-employed or temporary workers are eligible to claim the 5000 Baht through a few different ways/ This new program and payment plan will begin on April 1st 2020.

Workers will need to register with The Government Savings Bank of Bangkok, The Bank of Agriculture, Krungthai Bank or online at a special website that says Nobody will be left behind in Thai.

The money will be handed out for at least three months at this point from April to June to those who register and are qualified. Payments will be made via direct transfer to electronic wallets and bank accounts.

Additionally, the applicant can apply for emergency loans of 10,000 baht a person with low-interest rates if they need more money that can be taken for up to 2 years with no guarantees. 40 billion baht is being set aside for this.

Finally, the third option for those who have a guarantee for a loan is a 50,000 baht loan at low interest for up to three years. 20 billion baht is being set aside for this purpose.

This is part of an overall 200 billion baht stimulus measure approved by the Thai cabinet yesterday to help the millions of people who are temporary without work.

The Pattaya News notes that in Pattaya the vast majority of staff currently without work are informal workers and would qualify for this program.

For those who have social security, different programs and financial support is being offered to include at least 50% of one’s salary per month during the current crisis period.

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