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Thai cop breaks both legs after motorbike tries to jump a checkpoint

Thai cop breaks both legs after motorbike tries to jump a checkpoint

A Thai cop has had both legs broken after being hit by a speeding motorbike that was trying to skip a routine checkpoint late at night.

Video footage taken from a go pro attached to his partners helmet shows the incident unfold just metres away and can be found on our facebook page.

It is understood that there were 2 men on the motorbike who had sped past the cops, only to run into a bigger checkpoint further up the road. They turned around but only to run into the victim, whilst trying to escape.

On further inspection, both men, thought to be aged around 20 year old, were drunk, which explains why the tried to jump the checkpoint, whilst the driver had no valid driving licence.

The two cops had been ordered by their seniors to set up their checkpoint to catch any drivers that decided to turn around and avoid the major checkpoint up ahead.

The video clearly shows that the police wave a flashing light to indicate to the driver to pull over, which he blatantly refuses before smashing into the victim

All 3 parties involved in the crash were left unconscious as medical assistance was called for immediately by the victims partner.

The motorcyclists were also face down by the side of the road next to the overturned vehicle.

The chief of police at Laem Chabang station told reporters that after regaining consciousness, the two men admitted to have been drinking and were desperate to avoid the police checkpoint as they had no money to pay the fine that they would have received.

Unfortunately for the pair, they will be receiving a lot more than a petty drink driving fine now, with further charges of grievous bodily harm and negligent driving to add to the list. There is also further investigations taking place to which more charges may be placed against the two men.

The officer is said to be recovering nicely at Laem Chaband local hospital, with reports suggesting he is in a stable condition.

Source: Daily News

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